The University of California provides reasonable accommodation to individuals who are disabled or become disabled and need assistance to perform the essential functions of their positions. Limitations or restrictions are addressed through the use of the interactive process to determine what, if any, reasonable accommodations can be made.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography is prepared to make reasonable accommodations with regard to sailing aboard research vessels that we operate. However, no accommodation will be considered "reasonable" if it may result in compromising the safety of the ship, its crew and other personnel aboard the ship.

There are many inherent dangers associated with going to sea. The key to making reasonable accommodations is early prior planning. The vessel's Master and shore-side personnel need the earliest possible liaison to consider all of the ramifications and to ensure that adequate procedures can be put in place.

For example, some individuals may not be able to use their own equipment (such as a standard wheel chair) and may have to use equipment more suitable, or specially designed, for the marine environment.

For more information, contact:

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Captain Zoltan Kelety, Marine Superintendent

University of California, San Diego
Accommodation Counseling and Consulting Services (ACCES)