Emergency Contacts - Ships and Nimitz Marine Facility

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The primary emergency point of contact regarding Scripps research vessels is the Nimitz Marine Facility security duty officer, who may be reached night or day.


Nimitz Marine Facility Primary point of contact    
Security officer Main office telephone (land line) 858.534.1639  
  Mobile phone (if land line does not answer) 858.344.9841  
Marine Superintendent      
Joost van der Zwaag Regular business hours 858.534.1643 jvanderzwaag@ucsd.edu
San Diego Police First responder at MarFac 9-1-1 or 619.692.4800  
UCSD Police First responder on UCSD campus 858.534.4357  
San Diego Harbor Police First responder on the bay 619.686.6272  


How to contact Scripps research vessels at sea or in port

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