Shipboard Life

SHIP'S CREW - The ship is manned by a crew of 5: The Master, 2 Senior Boat Operators, Boat Engineer, and Cook. The first three stand watch. The engineer is "on call" and the engine room is normally unmanned. 

SCIENCE BERTHING - A total of 12 scientists, including the sailing Restech(s), can be accommodated on the Sproul. There  are 2 rooms with berthing for 6 scientists each. There are 3 communal heads with showers that are shared between all  scientists and crew. The scientific party is responsible for cleaning science staterooms. All rooms should be thoroughly  cleaned before departing the vessel at the end of your cruise. 

HEADS - The ship's sanitary system cannot handle anything other than toilet paper (e.g,. cigar and cigarette butts, paper  towels, sanitary napkins, etc.). Please dispose of all other items using the trash. The biological system also cannot handle  unapproved cleaning products. Please do not introduce bleach or other potentially harmful chemicals to the system. Public  heads are cleaned by the crew. 

LINENS - Clean towels and linens are available at the beginning of the voyage. At the end of the cruise, bunks should be  stripped and soiled linen taken to the laundry room. 

LABS - The responsibility of regularly sweeping out the laboratories is assigned by the chief scientist. All laboratories should  be thoroughly cleaned before departing the vessel at the end of your cruise. 

FRESH WATER - Fresh water is a precious commodity at sea and must not be wasted. Salt water should be used on deck  when possible. "Navy" showers (i.e., rinse-soap-rinse, turning off water between steps) should be practiced. Full washer  loads make best use of water when doing laundry. 

LAUNDRY - Washing machine, laundry soap, bleach, and dryer are available. They are used on a first-come-first-served  basis. Please be prompt in attending to laundry, and to do full loads as to conserve fresh water. Do not put salt water soaked  clothes or footwear in the dryer. 

MESS HALL - Meal hours at sea are: 

Breakfast: 0700-0800 

Lunch: 1100-1200 

Dinner: 1700-1800 

 The mess hall is cleared 30 minutes prior to and after meal hours to allow for setup and cleanup. Watch standers are  customarily served first. Shirts and foot coverings are required at all times in the mess hall. Cafeteria style meals are served. 

 Please bus your dishes and silverware to the sink when you are complete with your meal. There will often need to be more  than one sitting to feed all aboard. Please vacate the mess hall once you have finished to make room for others. 

 Food will be available 24 hours a day. Please help yourself to the food made available and clean any dishes you may have  used during non-meal hours. 

Shipboard Communications 

RADIOS - The ship normally carries portable VHF. They are used for internal communications, small boat operations, and  communications with other ships. Permission from the watch stander will be necessary for use of the bridge radios. 

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS - An intercom system is installed on the ship for internal communications. Numbers to reach different parts of the ship are posted next to intercoms. 

SATELLITE PHONES - FleetXpress, FleetBroadBand, and Iridium satellite phones are installed for communication to other ships or shore. Permission from the Master and Restech will be necessary for use of the satellite phones. 

INTERNET – Broadband internet communications are available on board for all participants. For more information, see the  computing resources section on Scientific Equipment and Procedures section