Calibration lab


The Shipboard Technical Support Calibration Laboratory at the Marine Facility supports a number of calibration types and sensors.

  • Meteorological

    • Air temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Barometric pressure
    • Precipitation
  • Oceanographic

    • Temperature: Sea-Bird 3, SBE 35, other
    • Pressure: SBE 9, other

We also run a number of checks for altimeters, salinometers, pumps, deck units, and more.


Equipment includes:

  • Variable temperature Fluke HartBath (11.2 gallon) bath
  • Variable temperature large-volume (120 gallon) bath of variable temperature
  • General Eastern Humilab chamber
  • Fluke P3125-BAR dead weight pressure system with calibrated weight set
  • Paroscientific digital pressure standards
  • Triple point and gallium cells
  • RS232/485 data acquisition computers and polynomial calibration software


For questions or inquiries, please contact