EQUIPMENT LOCATION Safe Working Load (At Sea)
Stern A-frame Stern center 10,000 to 21,000 lbs. depending on winch geometry. 
Contact SIO Ship Operations to determine capacity for your application.
Hiab crane Hiab crane 2,400 lbs.
Uncontaminated seawater Main lab  


Markey DESH-3 trawl 4,500 m 3/8" 3x19 wire Hi speed lift : 1250 lbs. 
Low speed lift : 5000 lbs.
Western Gear CTD/Hydro 4,500 m .322" EM or 
7,500 m hydro wire
Portable winch not normally installed
Northern Line CTD/Hydro 4,500 m .322 EM  
Western Gear portable 3,000 m .680" EM or 
10,000 m 3x19 wire
Portable Various sizes and lengths Contact MarFac for Information