We support a safe, fair and welcoming environment for everyone

We want you to have a safe, productive, and memorable experience aboard Scripps-operated research vessels.

  • We are committed to maintaining a climate of fairness, cooperation, and professionalism on board.
  • We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential ingredients of excellence in seagoing science.

We will not abide discrimination or harassment on board.  We are guided by the UC San Diego Principles of Community (linked here), and our approach to prevention is described here.

We support a culture of civility at sea

Before you sail, watch these two videos: Shipboard Civility: Fostering a Respectful Workplace Environment

There are two videos. Our federal sponsors require that you watch both before embarking on a UNOLS-designated vessel (which includes all Scripps-operated ships).

If you need help now

Your health and safety is important and is the number one priority at the moment. If you are in immediate danger or require medical attention, contact the Captain, ResTech, or Chief Scientist.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

The University of California is committed to creating and maintaining a community where all persons who participate in University programs and activities can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of all forms of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation. Every member of the University community should be aware that the University is strongly opposed to sexual harassment, and that such behavior is prohibited both by law and by University policy.

The University will respond promptly and effectively to reports of sexual harassment, and will take appropriate action to prevent, to correct, and if necessary, to discipline behavior that violates this policy. At sea, reports of sexual harassment should be brought to the chief scientist and/or the captain, who will investigate and take appropriate steps to remedy the situation.

The social atmosphere at sea is very different from that on shore. When people work and live in close proximity for lengthy periods of time, personal and professional boundaries may become blurred. The usual shore-based distinctions between “at work” and “at home” become meaningless aboard ship. University policy therefore applies to both “on duty” and “off duty” behavior on ships.

UCSD encourages all sea-going personnel, including volunteers, to recognize the unique circumstances of shipboard life and to take practical steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. Because complaints are most effectively resolved at the earliest stages, UCSD encourages early reporting of concerns or complaints regarding sexual harassment.

Sea-going personnel are also reminded that certain consensual relations involving a UC student, volunteer or employee may also be governed by policy, including the Faculty Code of Conduct (governing relationships between faculty and students) and the Policy on Conflicts of Interest Arising out of Consensual Relationships.

More information on all of these policies may be found at the UC San Diego Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (https://ophd.ucsd.edu). Aboard ship, these policies are incorporated into our Safety Management System, outlined in Safety Management Manual 296.

If you experience any form of harassment or discrimination on board

We have several ways for you to get assistance.

At sea, report bias, harassment or discrimination to the Captain, ResTech, or Chief Scientist.  All are obligated to follow an established protocol for responding (shown graphically on this flowchart).

You may also report harassing conduct directly to the UC San Diego Title IX Office (contact information linked here).

Need to talk to someone, but not sure you want to trigger the legal reporting process? Confidential advocacy is available 24/7 from the CARE program at the UC San Diego Sexual Assault Resource Center.  All communications with users of CARE services are privileged and confidential, and employees in the CARE Office are not mandatory reporters under Title IX or the Clery  Act.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns with the vessel or any experience on board, please discuss with the Master or the Restech.

Everyone On Board 

Everyone who embarks aboard a research vessel operated by Scripps is required to affirm that they understand and will abide by our policies regarding the prevention of harassment & discrimination, as well as our no-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol.   Prior to sailing, all participants will be asked to read, sign, and return a Drug, Alcohol & Sexual Harassment (DASH) form that constitutes their agreement to comply to these policies.  DASH forms are available on the Ship Scheduling Portal, which all participants access as part of their cruise preparation.  Forms are also available from the Scripps Ship Scheduling Office (shipsked@ucsd.edu).

Who must file? All members of scientific parties aboard SIO-operated research vessels. A signed DASH form is valid for one year for use aboard all SIO-operated ships.

When to file: Two weeks prior to ship sailing, or as directed by your chief scientist.

Where to file: Email your signed form to the SIO Ship Scheduling Office (shipsked@ucsd.edu).

Purpose: To inform you of SIO's no-tolerance policies regarding alcohol, illegal drugs, harassment and discrimination aboard SIO-operated research vessels, and to secure your commitment to abide by these policies. Scripps Institution of Oceanography is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and harassment-free environment. As part of this commitment, we do not tolerate alcohol, illegal drugs or sexual harassment aboard SIO-operated research vessels. The policies described below comply with Federal and California state law, UC San Diego policy, and University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) policies. Violation of these policies may result in dismissal from the vessel as well as other disciplinary actions involving the person involved, their research group, their employer, and their funding agency.

How this information will be used. Your signature indicates your understanding of, and agreement to abide by, the rules described here. Your signed form will be kept on file for one year, and may be re-used aboard any SIO-operated ship during that period.

Questions? If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact the SIO Ship Scheduling Office (shipsked@ucsd.edu).

Disputes. Disputes will be referred to the SIO Associate Director, who follow UC San Diego procedures for resolution. 

We care about your health and safety at sea. If you have any concerns about health and safety on board, please discuss them with your chief scientist prior to your cruise, or while at sea with the ship's Master, the chief scientist, the Restech, the UC San Diego UC San Diego Title IX Office (contact information linked here).


Bruce Appelgate
Associate Director, SIO

Attached file: SIO Shipboard Complaint Resolution Flowchart

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