Starboard side handling system
Morgan Marine knuckle crane
660 pound capacity
17-foot maximum reach

Swath bathymetry echosounder
Reson 7125 multibeam echosounder
Dual frequency (200 and 400 kHz)
140-degree athwartships swath
Across-track beam width 1.1-degree (200 kHz) or 0.5-degree (400 kHz)
Along-track beam width 2.2-degree (200 kHz) or 1.0-degree (400 kHz)
Up to 512 soundings per ping with equidistant or equi-angle spacing
Range: 0 to 500 meters water depth
Data output: bathymetry, backscatter & snippets (7K data format), Gbit Ethernet

Edgetech 512i CHIRP subbottom imaging profiler
Towed source/receiver housed in 500 pound tow body
Swept-frequency transmit pulse (0.5 to 4.5 kHz)
Depth resolution ~0.5 meters

Remotely-operated vehicle
Seabotix LBV-300 Mini-ROV
Hand-deployable (weight: 29 pounds, dimensions: 21 x 18 x 10 inches)
250-meter tether (maximum depth rating: 300 meters)
Five brushless DC direct drive thrusters (2 fore-aft, 2 verical, 1 athwartships)
Real-time video from low-light color camera (680 line resolution)
Internal LED lighting (700 Lumen)
Portable operator control unit with 15-inch color display

Acoustic navigation system
Tritech MicronNav Ultra-Short Base Line underwater tracking system
Frequency band 20 to 28 kHz
Tracking range 500 m horizontal, 150 m vertical
Accuracy: Range 0.2 m, bearing 3 degrees
Targets tracked: 1 responder, 15 transponders
Position update rate 0.5 s to 10.0 s

Real-time kinematic GPS
Input to multibeam

Motion reference unit
Input to multibeam

CTD profiling system
Micro-CTD for input to multibeam

Acoustic communications transducer
Pole-mountable transducer for subsea acoustic communications