Effective June 2011

All scientists who use their own oceanographic cables and winches aboard UNOLS vessels must comply with new safety standards that have strict requirements for oceanographic cables (defined in Appendix A of the UNOLS Safety Standards).

For equipment permanently installed on Scripps ships, compliance is the responsibility of the Ship Operations & Marine Technical Support (SOMTS) department.

However, for cables and winches that are owned by individual scientists the responsibility for compliance rests with the scientist.

Requirements for compliance with Appendix A are described in a fact sheet linked here (PDF). The fact sheet also provides for different kinds of over-the-side operations.

SOMTS is prepared to support SIO scientists in complying with these regulations, and will be happy to provide specific guidance. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Marine Superintendent CAPT Zoltan Kelety (tel 858.534.1643 email: zkelety@ucsd.edu).


Attached file: UNOLS Announcement: Appendix A (2011)