The safety and health of our scientists and students while underway aboard ships and boats are important to all of us.

To protect your health and safety, SIO/UCSD has defined minimum standards for vessels used in research and education.  Some of these standards issue from the University of California.  Others have been established by the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS), of which SIO/UCSD is a member.

Compliance with these standards is required regardless of the organization that operates the vessel, how the vessel is paid for, or where in the world you are.  If you board a vessel as part of your work, the vessel must meet our minimum standards.  These standards were developed by maritime professionals and risk managers in order to protect you, your research, and our institution.

If you are using a UNOLS vessel -- you're good to go.  The ship operating institution is responsible for ensuring compliance with UNOLS standards that meet all UC requirements.  There's nothing more for you to do except focus on your science.

If you will use any other vessel, then the vessel must be demonstrated to meets our standards.  This is your responsibility, and the requirements are defined on BLINK: Vessel Documentation.  Fortunately, you have resources here to support you in ensuring this is done correctly.

If you are chartering (renting, leasing, or otherwise paying for) a non-UNOLS vessel, then the UCSD Purchasing department will guide you through the steps of ensuring all requirements are met.  These steps are posted online on BLINK: How to Procure a Vessel Charter

If you not chartering a vessel, but you are submitting a proposal for funding that involves the use of non-UNOLS watercraft, then the SIO Office of Contract and Grant Administration will advise you.  Once funded, the vessel will need to be evaluated by either the SIO Small Boating Program (for vessels 50 feet or less in length) or by SIO Ship Operations (for ships greater than 50 feet long).

For any other use of a non-UNOLS vessel, SIO's shoreside support personnel can assist you to ensure SIO/UCSD standards are met.  For boats, contact the SIO Small Boating Program directly.  For ships, the SIO Ship Operations department will assist.

Representatives from each department are listed online: UCSD Representative Contacts.