Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
RD Instruments Ocean Surveyor 75 kHz
RD Instruments Narrowband 150 kHz
RD Instruments Mariner Workhorse 300 kHz (portable)
UHDAS digital data acquisition system

Multibeam mapping systems

Shallow water ( 20 to 1,000 meters)
Manufacturer/Model: Kongsberg EM712
40 to 100 kHz 140-degree swath bathymetry and backscatter, with midwater imaging capability

Deep water (1,000 to 11,000 meters)
Manufacturer/Model: Kongsberg EM124
12 kHz 150-degree swath bathymetry and backscatter, with midwater imaging capability

Motion reference units
Manufacturer/Model: Kongsberg Seapath 330+
Fiber-optic gyroscope inertial navigation system

Manufacturer/Model: Ixblue Phins III
Ring laser gyrocompass & motion sensor

Expendable bathythermograph (XBT)
Manufacturer/Model: Turo Devil
Variety of probes for different depths / ship speeds

Manufacturer/Model: Bell BGM-3

Hydrographic Doppler Sonar System
Manufacturer/Model: Scripps Institution of Oceanography / Pinkel HDSS
50/140 kHz
Profiles to depth of 1,000 m with 15 m depth resolution

Manufacturer/Model: Marine Magnetic SeaSpy
Towed Overhauser magnetic field sensor

Sub-Bottom Profiler
Manufacturer/Model: Knudsen 3260 CHIRP
3.5 / 12 kHz
Hull-mounted chirp deep-water subbottom echosounder

Acoustic Synchronization Unit
Manufacturer/Model: Kongsberg K-Sync

Acoustic Navigation System
Manufacturer/Model: Kongsberg HiPAP 352P-MGC
Ultra short baseline positioning system

Underway Data System
Meteorological sensor suite
Circulating uncontaminated seawater system
Sea surface water physical properties

Shipboard Network
Wired and wireless networks in all labs and staterooms.

Digital Data Archive
Linux rackmount servers with multiple terabyte RAID arrays

pCO2 system
Manufacturer/Model: General Oceanics 
Underway pCO2 measuring system

Ocean State Monitoring System
Manufacturer/Model: Rutter / WaMoS II
Underway X-band radar surface wave sensing system

Laserjet/Color Inkjet

Scientific cold rooms
Refrigerator and freezer walk-in chambers for sample storage and preparation, with precise temperature control.

Numerous van placement locations on main deck, 01 level port side and forward on 02 deck.
Isotope isolation vans and refrigerated laboratory vans are available by request (from NSF UNOLS van pool).

Satellite communications via HiSeasNet using service from FleetExpress (FleetBroadband and Global Express) and Sealink Plus (Iridium CERTUS and Sealink Premium).