Requests for UC Ship Funds should be submitted as written proposals. Proposals will be reviewed by the UC Ship Funds Panel of the Marine Operations Committee.

See our most recent Request For Proposals for a description of operational opportunities and proposal deadlines.

When you submit your proposal, you should also submit a ship time request using the UNOLS Marine Facilities Planning portal.

Each proposal should:

  • Describe the scientific or educational rationale;
  • Discuss the instrumentation you propose to use, who will operate the instruments, and how the data you collect will satisfy your objectives;
  • State the tangible outcomes of the cruise (dissertations, scholarly publications, outreach, etc);
  • Present a detailed cruise plan, including desired ports, tracklines, sampling stations, and comprehensive cruise timeline;
  • Describe how the proposal satisfies any of the four eligible categories;
  • Identify the chief scientist, faculty advisors, and participating faculty (as appropriate);
  • Include a list of participants, and describe how you will delegate work at sea; observe a 15-page limit, including figures and references, using 11-point single-spaced text.

Reviewers will be asked to evaluate proposals based on the criteria above and the following questions:

  • Is the scientific or educational rationale sound and compelling?
  • Will the proposed work accomplish the stated scientific or educational objectives?
  • Is the cruise plan realistic?
  • Will the participants be able to fulfill the shipboard operations proposed?

Proposals in PDF format should be submitted by email to Bruce Appelgate.

For additional information, please contact:

Bruce Appelgate

Associate Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography