SIO OCGA Org Chart

AGENCIES Contract and Grant office staff assignments for specific funding agencies.  If an agency is not listed, please contact Frank Truong
Agency assignments for Scripps Institution of Oceanography OCGA:

Judy Cheng:      


Local Government, Municipalities, and Municipal Agencies - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Department of Energy (DOE) Labs: Back up: William Park III
   *Lawrence Berkeley (LBL)
   *Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
   *Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
   *Sandia National Laboratory
   *UT Battelle
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Back up: Andrea Lupu
U.S. Universities and Flow-Through via U.S. Universities (except NSF and NASA Prime FDP Grants) (including WHOI) 
    - Back up: Andrea Lupu
State of California - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
U.S. State Governments - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Sea Grant (State of California Funding) - Back up:  William Park III

Melanie David:

Office of Naval Research Grants (ONR) - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Air Force Grants and Cooperative Agreements - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Army Grants and Cooperative Agreements - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Miscellaneous Navy and Department of Defense (DOD) Grants - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Seafloor Electromagnetics Methods Consortium (SEMC) - Back up: Frank Truong

Ann Dunbar:

Binational Science Foundation -(BSF) Back up: William Park III
Columbia University – USSSP/IODP - Back up: William Park III
Flow-Through via Other FDP Universities (NSF and NASA Prime Grants)  - Back up: Judy Cheng
Inter-American Institute for Global Change - Back up: William Park III
National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) - Back up: William Park III
National Science Foundation (NSF)- Back up: William Park III
UC Mexus and Incoming Multiple Campus Agreements - Back up:  Elizabeth Meier

Andrea Lupu:

Charter Party Agreements (incoming and outgoing) Back up: Frank Truong
Department of Defense Contracts, Delivery Order Agreements, and Other Transaction agreements - Back up: Frank Truong
Industry flow-through - Back up: Frank Truong
Sales and Service Agreements - Back up: Judy Cheng and Frank Truong
Department of State - Back up: Melanie David
IRIS, UCAR, UNAVCO - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Non-Disclosure Agreements - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Memorandum of Understanding (domestic and foreign) - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Unfunded Collaboration Agreements (domestic) - Back up: Frank Truong

Elizabeth Meier:

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Collaboration Agreements with MTA terms - Back up: Judy Cheng
National Institutes of Health - Back up: Melanie David
Private Non-Profits and Interest Groups - Back up: Judy Cheng
European Union, including Marie Curie fellowships, and foreign non-profits - Back up: Frank Truong
Data Use Agreements - Back up: Judy Cheng and Andrea Lupu
USAID - Back up: Andrea Lupu

Patty Pace

COEUS Data Administrator
Proposal and Award Data Analysis and Reporting
Closeout/Patent Report Coordinator
Contract and Grant Support/Information Resource
ESR Kauli Marine Sciences representative

William Park III:

Department of Energy (DOE) - Back up: Ann Dunbar
Forest Service - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
USDI - Back up: Ann Dunbar
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)- Back up: Ann Dunbar
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)- Back up: Ann Dunbar
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)- Back up: Elizabeth Meier
United States Geological Survey (USGS) - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - Back up: Ann Dunbar
Co-Operative Institute for Marine Ecosystems and Climate (CIMEC) - Back up:  Ann Dunbar
Sea Grant (Federal Funding) - Back up:  Ann Dunbar
ESR Marine Sciences representative

Frank Truong:

Domestic Industry Contracts/Agreements - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Foreign Government, Industry (excluding SEMC) and University Contracts/Agreements - Back-up: Elizabeth Meier
Homeland Security - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Miscellaneous Agreements - (CalCOFI MOU, Tuna Commission Agreement, NOAA CIMEC MOU, NOAA Seawater Agreement, Lunar Sample Agreements) - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Domestic and Foreign Visitor Agreements (including intellectual property agreements) - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Equipment Loan Agreements - Back up: Elizabeth Meier
Unfunded Collaboration Agreements (foreign) - Back up: Andrea Lupu
Special Projects/lead on major project proposals/award negotiations


For additional information contact Frank Truong.