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CASPO Seminar: Dr. Eiji Masunaga (SIO) 'Internal tide dynamics in the La Jolla Canyon investigated with a numerical simulator'

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DateWednesday, September 28, 2022 | 3:30 PM
Location101 Nierenberg Hall, and over Zoom (see mailing list)
ContactNiv Anidjar |

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This fall's first CASPO seminar speaker will be Dr. Eiji Masunaga, SIO, who will be discussing Internal tide dynamics in the La Jolla Canyon investigated with a numerical simulator.

Internal waves are ubiquitous oceanic phenomena and play an important role in energy and mass transport in oceans. Energetic internal tides have been observed in the La Jolla Canyon from field surveys, however, generation, propagation and dissipation of internal tides in this area have not been revealed well. In this seminar, Eiji will present dynamics of internal tides in the La Jolla Canyon using a numerical simulator, SUNTANS. Internal tide energy converges into the canyon resulting in energy dissipation in the inner part of the canyon and reflections of wave energy at the mouth of the canyon. Reflected internal tides interact with incoming internal tides, which leads to standing internal waves off the south California coast.


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