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CASPO Seminar: Yuan-Jen Lin

DateWednesday, November 25, 2020 | 3:30 PM
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Yuan-Jen Lin of the National Taiwan University will give a talk titled Understanding the role of ocean in modifying time-evolving radiative feedback.

In most fully-coupled climate models, the net radiative feedback magnitude decreases with time after abruptly quadrupling CO2. Hypotheses have been raised to explain the time dependence of radiative feedbacks, including the influence from time-evolving pattern of sea surface temperature and of ocean heat uptake. By using the Green’s Function derived from pairs of simulations in the atmospheric model (CAM5) coupled with a slab ocean, with each simulation being forced by localized surface heat flux anomalies, we evaluate the influences of regional ocean heat uptake on transient sea surface temperature pattern. The attribution of the time-evolving radiative feedback highlights the remote impact from weakened heat uptake variations in the Southern Ocean on tropical sea surface temperature pattern, which leads to decreasing tropospheric stability and more positive cloud feedback decades after quadrupling CO2.


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