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Scripps Technical Forum: Wave Glider/Autonomous Surface Vessel User Group - Meet and Greet

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DateThursday, October 26, 2023 | 12:00 PM
LocationOld Scripps Building Conference Room 10 (NEW LOCATION)
ContactCanon Purdy |

Wave Glider and Autonomous Surface Vessels are platforms of increasing scientific use at SIO and the greater community. Join Dr Glenn Sasagawa from IGPP and share your experiences and work with wave gliders!

There is a significant pool of operational and engineering expertise within the different groups.  This meeting is an opportunity to informally greet each other, describe the different science goals, instrument platform implementations, and share operational experiences.  Attendees are encouraged to present a brief overview (5 min) about their work to date.  The meeting will provide an avenue for future discussions, cooperation, and collaboration. 

Affiliated teams with gliders, AUVs, ROVS and other autonomous/semi-autonomous platforms are very welcome. Lunch will be provided.

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