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Scripps Technical Forum - Wide Area Color Image Mapping Systems with Voyis

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DateFriday, February 03, 2023 | 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Join our Scripps Corporate Alliance member Voyis for our October Scripps Technical Forum presentation - Wide Area Color Image Mapping Systems. 

When looking to collect quality data in underwater environments, we often encounter the dilemma of using equipment that will provide wide area coverage, or sensors that output detailed quantifiable results. Voyis has developed stills imaging solutions that enable subsea dynamic platforms to collect high-resolution, true-color datasets, without compromising the large-scale mapping capabilities of the vehicle. The utilization of optical sensors allows for the retrieval of high-resolution data sets which can be used for the modelling of subsea environments or interpretation by machine learning algorithms for the clustering and classification of distinct features within a habitat. By showcasing technical competencies and practical results, this talk highlights the operational advantages of employing dynamic platforms equipped with stills imaging packages as tools for collecting critical data to provide users with extensive information about the environment and ecosystem.

Presenter: Brenden St. John. 

Brenden is the Global Technical Sales Manager - Ocean Science at Voyis Imaging Inc and has been with the organization for the past 4 years. His background in electro-mechanical engineering and project management has allowed him to extend his expertise across multiple Blue Economy segments, including Offshore Energy, Ocean Sciences, and Maritime Defence. In his current role, Brenden's focus is working closely with academic and Ocean Science organizations to identify areas where optical solutions support critical research initiatives in areas such as mapping marine protected areas, digitizing marine archeology, monitoring ecosystem health, and much more.


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