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Towards a new system for analysis of environmental disasters and risk assessment

AOS Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

CASPO Seminar

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar/ Scripps Faculty Candidate Seminar

Faculty Candidate Seminar

Faculty Candidate Seminar

Applied Ocean Science Seminar

Marine Biology Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar

Marine Biology Seminar

NIH Marine Biotechnology Training Grant Seminar

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar

Marine Biology Seminar

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar

Ecology Seminar: Monitoring Endangered and Over-fished Demersal Marine Organisms in Southern California

CASPO Seminar

Dissertation Defense - Powell

Dissertation Defense - Smith-Boughner

Dissertation Defense - Asch

CASPO Seminar: "Critical sensitivities of the superparameterized Madden-Julian Oscillation consistent with moisture mode dynamics"

CASPO seminar: "A Hessian-based method for Uncertainty Quantification in Global Ocean State Estimation"

CASPO Seminar: "Idealised single forcing GCM simulations to investigate the climate system's response"

Institutional Seminar Series

CASPO seminar: “Horizontal nutrient transport and its implications for primary production and climate”

Managing for Tuna and Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Ian Ball- Dissertation Defense

Institutional Seminar Series

Institutional Seminar Series

Dissertation Defense - Buehler

Dissertation Defense - Merkens

Dissertation Defense - Fleming

Dissertation Defense - Pasulka

Dissertation Defense - Frieder

Dissertation Defense - Li

Diversity Seminar with Linda Green, VC for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Earth Section Seminar

Special Seminar: Submersible Holography and its Application

CASPO Seminar: "Multiproxy constraints on ENSO statistics"

Commercialization of Microalgae in China: Advances and Perspectives

Earth Section Seminar: Untouchable Rocks: evolution, composition, and prospects for exploration of extrasolar solids

Dissertation Defense - Maloney

AOS Seminar: Underwater Acoustics for the Australian Maritime Environment

Ecology Seminar: CANCELLED

CASPO seminar: "What do networks have to do with climate?"

Open Coffee Hour with the New Director-RSVP only

AOS Seminar Cancelled

Marine Biology Seminar: Speciation and adaption in the marine realm: lessons from functional genomics of intertidal copepod

Open Coffee Hour with the New Director-RSVP only

Ecology Seminar: "Making Dives that Count: Estimating fish populations to inform conservation and management efforts"

CASPO seminar: "Small-scale turbulence and the oceanic density structure"

AOS Seminar: Nanophotonics Technology and Applications

Marine Biology Seminar: Exploring the genomic landscape of evolved physiological plasticity in killifish

Earth Section Seminar

Dissertation Defense - Sutherland

Special Seminar- All Welcome

Ecology Seminar: "Geologic Analogs to Future Global Change"

CASPO seminar:"Boundary Layer Dynamics and Deep Ocean Mixing in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Canyons"

AOS Seminar: Research at the Air-Sea-Interaction Laboratory

Marine Biology Seminar: Social insect invasions: Linking colony-level traits to success in new environments

Earth Section Seminar: Some New Constrains of Martian Meteorites

CASPO Seminar: "Low-frequency dynamics of eddies and meridional flow in the California Current"

Ecology Seminar: "In-situ underwater microscopy: A transformative technology for observing small organisms in the sea"

CASPO seminar:"Internal tidal energy fluxes in the South China Sea from density and velocity measurements by gliders"

AOS Seminar: Is Coastal Carbon Sedimentation Grossly Underestimated?

Women and Minorities in Science Meet 'n Greet

Marine Biology Seminar: Life in a fluctuating environment - Observations of the transcriptome of the intertidal mussel Mytilus californianus

CASPO Seminar: "The energetic constraints on the zonal mean atmospheric circulation: Why is ITCZ in the North? And why do GCMs have double ITCZ?"

Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Change

Ecology Seminar: "The future of coral reefs in a high-CO2 world"

Thesis Defense - Tyler Evans

CASPO seminar: "Subantarctic Mode Water and Antarctic Intermediate Water processes from winter observations in the southeast Pacific and from the Southern Ocean State Estimate"

Institutional Seminar Series


Marine Biology Seminar: Marine Synechococcus interactions with its biotic environment

Earth Section Seminar

CASPO Seminar: "Using Accelerometer Loggers for measuring tides and currents: Coastal examples and instrument demonstration"

Ecology Seminar: "Wormcam, a novel camera to understand benthic processes"

Dissertation Defense - Freeman

CASPO seminar: "Progress in Estimating and Observing Ocean-Ice Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet"

AOS Seminar: Cuttlefish camouflage response to vertical and horizontal stimuli

Marine Biology Seminar: Coral pH regulation mechanisms and their roles in promoting photosynthesis and calcification

Dissertation Defense - Neal

CMBC Special Seminar - Dr. S. Bijoy Nandan

Ecology Seminar: "Creating chimeras: Experimental manipulations of reef coral symbioses for fun and profit* (not the monetary kind)"

CASPO seminar: "Stratified vortex merger in the Tasman Sea - observed by drifting buoys, Argo et al"

AOS Seminar: Underwater Photometric Stereo

Marine Biology Seminar: Population and species-level genomic diversification in rockfishes (genus Sebastes)

Earth Section Seminar

Institutional Seminar Series

CMBC Brown Bag Tuesday - RESCHEDULED

Bill Young Faculty Research Lecture

Ecology Seminar: "A natural history of luminescence: evolution, ecology, behavior, morphology and systematics of luminescent ostracods"

AOS Seminar: "Forward scattering of surface reflected underwater sound: measurements, predictions, and applications"

Marine Biology Seminar: Genomic insights into natural product diversity and evolution in a model group of marine bacteria

Ecology Seminar: "What is a subspecies: using genetic data for taxonomic delimitation of cetaceans"

Earth Section Seminar

Ecology Seminar: "Carbon, nutrient and oxygen dynamics in blackwater rivers of the western upper Suwannee River basin"

CASPO seminar: "Pathways, Volume Transport and Mixing of Abyssal Water in the Samoan Passage"

AOS Seminar: The 2011 Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X-Challenge, How Prize Money Motivated the Design and Construction of the Advancing Grooved Disc Skimmer

Marine Biology Seminar: Genomics of wild and domestic canids

Special Seminar with Office of Research Affairs

CASPO Seminar: "Asymmetries in the hydrological cycle and their influence on sea surface salinity"

CASPO Seminar: Antipodal Acoustic Thermometry: 1960, 2004

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Introduction and documentary video about the people and money associated with global warming denial

Ecology Seminar: "Molecular interactions of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) with multidrug resistant transport (MDR) proteins"

Dissertation Defense - Xu

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Greenhouse warming and its impacts: Present and Future

Ecology Seminar: "Marine finfish stock enhancement: the white seabass approach in southern California"

CASPO seminar

CASPO Seminar: "The ocean diurnal warm layer during CINDY-DYNAMO and its role in air-sea interaction and the Madden-Julian Oscillation"

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Science, Politics, and Public Perceptions of Climate Change

Ecology Seminar: "From the lab to the shore: consequences of global change for early life stages of Olympia oysters"

CASPO seminar: "Surface Wave Turbulence"

Atmospheric Refractivity and the Trident Warrior 2013 Experiment

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Why smart people disagree about facts

Ecology Seminar: "The evolutionary diversity and ecological complexity of coral reefs"

CASPO seminar: "Surf zone to shelf break: Observations, Modeling & Processes"

Dissertation Defense - Trentacoste

Is Sustainability Possible? Knowlton-Jackson Annual Seminar in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Special Seminar: "Oceanomics and Sensorbots to Understand the Oceans"

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-The ice core record of temperature and Greenhouse gases

Ecology Seminar: "The emergent effects of high CO2 in the ocean: integrating interactions among species and stressors"

CASPO seminar: "Urban Coastal Flood Prediction"

Bioacoustic contributions to the ocean soundscape

Earth Section Seminar: The emplacement of voluminous silicic lava-like tuffs and lavas

Coral Reef Research in the Maldives

Esri Ocean GIS

Deep Trouble: Challenges of Managing and Protecting Deep Sea Resources

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Has global warming stopped?

Ecology Seminar: "Reef fish are wondrous beasts: How pelagic larvae find their way back to coral reefs"

Institutional Seminar Series

Happenings Around Oceans and Coasts - Are we doing enough?

Dissertation Defense - Pistone

Dissertation Defense - Gearheart

Ocean Scientists for Informed Policy - Feb 18

Special CASPO Seminar: "From Energiewende to Carbon Capture and Utilization"

CASPO Seminar: "Ice streams: Dynamics, variability and connections to climate"

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-CO2 Greenhouse Effect and Feedbacks due to H2O molecule: Myths and Facts

Ecology Seminar: "Bioaccumulative chemicals in aquatic food webs"

CASPO seminar: "Biophysical controls on sediment suspension and mixing in seagrass meadows"

Earth Section Seminar: Insights into plateau uplift and paleoclimate from clumped isotopes

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Is the CO2 increase anthropogenic?

Ecology Seminar: "Genetic structure and 'Units to Conserve' in migratory whales - the North Pacific humpback"

AOS Seminar:

Characterization of the solar light field within the ocean mesopelagic zone based on radiative transfer simulations

Earth Section Seminar: Earthquake Triggering at Alaskan Volcanoes

Art meets Science: Lily Simonson

CASPO Seminar: "Global estimates of mixing parameters, upper ocean, abyss and sea surface height variability"

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Ocean acidification

Ecology Seminar: "Oxygen, Ecology, and the Cambrian radiation of animals"

CASPO seminar: "Satellite Observations of Mesoscale Eddy-Induced Ekman Pumping"

Special CASPO Seminar: "The role of eddy momentum fluxes on jets and buoyancy fluxes in the Southern Ocean"

Conflicting missions: How zooplankton feed, survive, and reproduce

Special CASPO seminar: "On ‘q’ and the Localness of Internal Tide Dissipation"

Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Evolution Denialism

Ecology Seminar: "The NEMURO Ecosystem Model"

CASPO seminar: "Tropical Indo-Pacific climate change over the past 60 years"

AOS Seminar: Compressive sensing in acoustics and seismology

Polar Seminar: The impact of mechanical weakening of ice shelves on the stability of a marine ice sheet

Ecology Seminar: "Oceans under climate change: Towards an integrated view of organism sensitivities and ecosystem consequences"

Special CASPO Seminar: "The response of the Pacific storm track and atmospheric circulation to Kuroshio Extension variability"

Institutional Seminar Series: Len Srnka and Chambers Hughes

CASPO seminar - Ata Suanda: "Tidal-band and high-frequency internal waves on the Oregon inner shelf"

CASPO Seminar: "'Category-6' Super-typhoon Haiyan (2013), decadal ocean subsurface warming, and Ocean Coupling Potential Intensity Index"

Ecology Seminar: "Zooplankton as key-players in the Arctic Carbon-cycle"

CASPO Seminar - William Boos: "Monsoon depressions: high-impact storms at the edge of the tropics"

Title: Water Wave Generation Techniques: Theory and Practice

Marine Biology Seminar

Special Geophysics Seminar: Brian Tucker(GeoHazards International) "Prototype Tsunami Evacuation Park in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia"

EarthSection Seminar: James Badro (IPGP-France) "Accreting the Earth and Forming its Core"

CASPO Seminar: "The Two Towers - Aerosols and Trace Gases in the remote forests of Siberia and the Amazon"

Dissertation Defense - Yildiz

Ecology Seminar

Dissertation Defense - DeWolf

CASPO seminar - Ru Chen: "Isopycnal eddy diffusivities and critical layers in the Kuroshio Extension from an eddying ocean circulation model"

AOS Seminar: The mystery of a striation pattern observed in surface-reflected acoustic signals.

Marine Biology Seminar: Decadal to century scale changes in North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

EarthSection Seminar: Mark Richards (UC Berkeley) "Hotspot plumbing, instrusive LIPs, the Deccan/Chicxulub coincidence, and the joys of thinking the unthinkable."

CASPO Seminar: "Topographic enhancement of eddy efficiency in baroclinic equilibration"

Ecology Seminar:"Effect of Anthropogenic Stressors on the Stability of Marine Ecosystems"

CASPO Seminar - Sarah Giddings: "Impact of freshwater plumes on physical transport pathways and biological processes in the coastal ocean"

AOS Seminar - Title: Emergent Patchiness in a Swarm of Autonomous Undersea Robots: Depth-Keeping in Internal Waves

Marine Biology Seminar: The effect of disturbance on biodiversity is mediated by habitat complexity in eelgrass

EarthSection Seminar: Jennifer Jackson (Caltech) "Earth’s Core-Mantle Boundary"

Special CASPO Seminar: "Aerosol impacts on deep convective clouds: Mechanism, significance, and parameterizations"

Apocalypse Soon? Jeremy Jackson on Deep Ecology

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar - Larry Pratt: "Mysteries of American Eel Migration in the N. Atlantic"

AOS Seminar: Title: Development of low-light radiometers for deep sea ambient light measurement

Marine Biology Seminar: Processes Driving Natural Acidification and Decline in Net Ecosystem Calcification of Diverse Palauan Coral Reefs

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar - Rob Pinkel: "Distinguishing sub-mesoscale and internal wave shear and strain."

AOS Seminar: Title 1: Optical differentiation of ecological regimes in the Arctic Ocean. Title 2: Current and Current Shear Observations in the Columbia River from Land and Sea-based X-Band Radar

Marine Biology Seminar: Chris Lowe, CSULB: Has 45 years of environmental protection done any good? Signs of meso and apex marine predator population recovery in California waters

EarthSection Seminar: Evan Solomon (Univ Washington) "Investigating climate-sensitive gas hydrate deposits and seafloor hydrocarbon seeps: methane sources, transport, and sinks"

CASPO Seminar: "Asymmetric inertial instability"

"Force Majeure" A lecture by Eco-Art pioneers Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison

Ecology Seminar

CASPO Seminar - Natalie Zilberman: "Meridional volume transport in the South Pacific: mean and SAM related variability"

AOS Seminar: The Benthic Underwater Microscope: A Novel Tool for In Situ Microscopic Observations of Coral Reefs

Marine Biology Seminar: Barry Costa-Pierce CANCELED

CASPO Seminar: "Widening of the Hadley circulation in CMIP5"

EarthSection Seminar: Steven D'Hondt (Univ. of Rhode Island) "Notes from the underground (Life beneath the Seafloor)”

Polar Seminar: Till Wagner "The ‘footloose’ mechanism: iceberg decay from hydrostatic stresses"

Ecology Seminar: "The connection between individual and population: perspectives on integrating evidence from both scales"

AOS Seminar: Hydrodynamics of Tropical Reefs: AUV-based Roughness Mapping

Marine Biology Seminar: Paul Barber, UCLA: All you need is love: Evolution and conservation in the Coral Triangle

EarthSection Seminar: Francis McCubbin (Univ New Mexico) "Solar System Volatiles"

Protecting Sharks: Documentary Music and Viewers' Perception

AOS Seminar: Title: Two-component vector wind fields from scanning aerosol lidar

Ecology Seminar: "Arctic benthos: regional to pan-Arctic perspectives, now and in the future"


Marine Biology Seminar: Student Symposium

Ecology Seminar: "Photographic monitoring of cetaceans: linking individual observations to population processes"

CASPO Seminar - Michael Longuet-Higgins: "Some experiments on waves and beaches"

AOS Seminar: Title 1: Automated Classification of camouflaging cuttlefish Title 2: An Environmental Ship Motion Forecasting (ESMF) system

Marine Biology Seminar: Jeremy Long, SDSU: Stressed in the west: the future of intertidal consumer-prey interactions

CMBC - Special Seminar - Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative

EarthSection Seminar: Patrick Rafter (UC Irvine)

CMBC Brown Bag - Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility

CASPO Seminar: "Scaling and randomness of mesoscale eddy forcing"

Ecology Seminar: "Current ecological and social approaches in marine conservation"

CASPO Seminar - Ivana Cerovecki: "Subantarctic Mode Water formation, evolution and destruction from the Southern Ocean State Estimate "

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium


Marine Biology Seminar: Yoan Eynaud, SIO

The Silent Spring of CalCOFI 1970

Ecology Seminar: "Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: How resilient is the Gulf of Mexico?"

Scripps Technical Forum - Improve your oxygen optode measurements - user examples, practical handling and calibrations

Marine Biology Seminar: Lisa Wedding, Stanford University: Advancing Place-based Marine Conservation and Management Using a Geospatial Approach

CASPO Seminar: "A centennial-scale view of wave climate change impacts on subtropical East Australian shoreface sand supply and shoreline stability since 3000 years BP"

Final Defense 7/1/2014- Charles Perretti

CASPO seminar: Piero Mazzini (OSU)

CASPO Seminar: "Modeling glacial abrupt climate change"

Special CASPO Seminar: "Solar absorption in the atmosphere: Estimates from collocated surface and satellite observations"

CASPO SEMINAR - Joyce Penner

Resilient San Diego Symposium

Special CASPO Seminar: "How will global warming modulate the Indo-Pacific climate variability?"

CASPO Seminar - Clement Ubelmann: "Challenges for reconstructing Sea Surface Height at high resolution with the future SWOT mission"

CASPO Seminar - S.A.Talke: "Changing sea-level, storm tides, and hydrology from 1844-present"

Dr. Gregor Hillers "Probing rheologic properties of crustal and fault zone materials using the ambient wave field"

CASPO Seminar: "The South Pacific Meridional Mode: A mechanism for ENSO-like variability"

SWFSC Seminar: Rose Canyon Fisheries: A Commercial Aquaculture Enterprise...

SWFSC Seminar: The Importance of Winter Sea Ice for Krill Stock Development

CASPO Seminar - R Parfitt: "Oceanic forcing on the North Atlantic storm track"

SWFSC Seminar: Fisheries and Conservation Oceanography

Marine Biology Seminar: Microbial Eukaryotes from the Deep: Revealing the Diversity of Protists and their Trophic Relationships at Hydrothermal Vents

GP seminar - Hilmar Gudmunsson

Institutional Seminar Series: Aburto Oropeza and Day

Special CASPO Seminar: "Coherent Lagrangian vortices in turbulence"

Ecology Seminar: "Translational behavioral ecology: integrating behavior into wildlife management (a fearful perspective)"

CASPO seminar: "Pirate Science: The Role Pirates Played in the Birth of Modern Natural History"

AOS Seminar: Twenty Years of Research in Some Areas of Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing

Marine Biology Seminar: Responses to environmental stressors: plasticity and adaptation in fish

GP seminar - Zhongwen Zhan

CASPO Seminar: "Towards global predictions of Mode-1 internal tides"

Ecology Seminar: "New tools for coastal and marine conservation in Southern California and Baja California"

CASPO Seminar - Chip Cox: "Suppression of breakers on stormy seas by oil films"

AOS Seminar: What have we learned from ice core records of past climate, about our future?

Marine Biology Seminar: Microbial source tracking and rapid molecular methods -- Research to applications

GP seminar - Ksenia Dmitrieva

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

CASPO Seminar: "The Oceanic Charney Problem: The role of surface buoyancy gradients on mesocale eddies and waves"

Ecology Seminar: "SAMBAH- counting porpoises in the Baltic Sea using static acoustic monitoring"

CASPO Seminar - Stu Bishop: "The influence of mesoscale eddies on air-sea interaction in the Kuroshio Extension region"

Special CASPO Seminar: "A theory for the emergence of large-scale structure in barotropic turbulence"

AOS Seminar: How the composition of air is changing, and what we can learn from measuring these changes

Marine Biology Seminar: Transcriptional and epigenetic profiling of the Chlamydomonas life cycle

GP seminar - Christopher Davies

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Laurence McCook-Great Barrier Reef a globally significant case study

CASPO Seminar: "Why idealized models find multiple sea ice states and comprehensive models do not"

Ecology Seminar: "Behavioral ecology of the leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata) in La Jolla, California"

AOS Seminar: Bubbles in the Sea: Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Marine Biology Seminar: Correlation and causation: Inconvenient realities of a dynamic world

GP seminar - Brad Lipovsky

Scripps Technical Forum - Getting Data to the Surface

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

CASPO Seminar: "Is there a fourth meridional cell in the general circulation of the atmosphere?"

Ecology Seminar: "Mechanisms of adhesive locomotion in soft organisms: from plasmodia to gastropods"

CASPO Seminar - Ian Grooms: "Stochastic Superparameterization and Multiscale Ensemble Kalman Filtering”

AOS Seminar: CalCOFI - Continuity, Constraints and the Role of Technology

Marine Biology Seminar: Microbes, marine snow and the carbon cycle in the deep ocean: old paradigms and new findings

GP seminar - Jan Morten

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

Institutional Seminar Series: Pommier and Alford

Ecology Seminar: "Intertidal ecosystem dynamics, trends, and mysteries: Two decades of monitoring results from Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, CA"

AOS Seminar: Radar remote sensing of the ocean: altimetry and scatterometry

Marine Biology Seminar: Common effects of chronic seafood toxin exposure in zebrafish, sea lions, mice & humans

GP seminar - Francis Nimmo

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Steve Gittings - Measuring the Quality of Life in National Marine Sanctuaries

Ecology Seminar: "Coastal wetland ecology in Mexico: mangrove research in retrospective and into the future"

CASPO Seminar - Stéfan Perrard: "Dynamics of a macroscopic wave-particle entity”

AOS Seminar: Underwater Optical Imaging, the Past, the Present, and the Prospects

Marine Biology Seminar: Marine RNA viruses: friend or foe?

GP seminar - Adrian Borsa

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

CASPO Seminar - Henri Lhuissier: "Bursting bubble aerosols”

SEMINAR: Avoid the Unmanageable, Manage the Unavoidable

Special seminar - Damien Le Loup 12pm-1pm

CASPO Seminar: "Insights into the dust-climate feedback from an improved dust aerosol emission theory"

Ecology Seminar: "Where, why, when the wild things are: the intricate relationship between high frequency geophysical fluid dynamics and the biology of the sea"

Scripps Technical Forum - Research Data Curation at UC San Diego


Marine Biology Seminar: Systems biology studies of marine organisms and ecosystems

GP Seminar - Noel Bartlow

Ecology Seminar: "Corals, phage and the origin of the immune system"

AOS Seminar: Tides Revisited, with Walter Munk

Marine Biology Seminar:Insights of the copepod Tigriopus californicus into the process of species formation

Ecology Seminar: "Application of population genetic differentiation metrics to ecological communities"

Scripps Technical Forum - Mobile and Miniature Mass Spectrometers for Marine and Space Applications

GP seminar - Martin Landro

Ecology Seminar: "The role of the plankton community in the biological carbon pump"

Knowlton-Jackson Annual Distinguished Speaker Series

GP seminar - James Rice

Ecology Seminar: "Stochastic and deterministic dynamics of the neotropical tree community"

MB Seminar - Lisa Zeigler Allen

GP seminar - Dimitri Zigone

CASPO Seminar: "On the crossover of boundary currents in an idealized model of the Red Sea"

Film Premiere - IKE Wisdom to Whisper

Ecology Seminar: "Modeling marine ecosystems: lessons learned and the road ahead"

CASPO Seminar - Florent Gasparin: "Assessment of the subsurface ocean observing system in the Equatorial Pacific: The role of Argo in resolving intraseasonal to interannual variability"

MB Seminar - Conal True

GP seminar - Dan Bassett

Special CASPO Seminar: "The super model approach to climate projections for the Tropical Pacific"

Ecology Seminar: Peru upwelling plankton respiration

CASPO Seminar - Geno Pawlak

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Willenbring

AOS Seminar: Source characterization using recordings made in a reverberant underwater channel

MB Seminar - John Griffiths

Special CASPO Seminar: "New findings and insights to the interactions of aerosols with marine boundary layer clouds"

GP seminar - Mark Simons

Ocean Scientists for Informed Policy - COP20 (Lima)

Ecology Seminar: "Eye Evolution"

Institutional Seminar Series - Marty Ralph and Sarah Giddings

AOS Seminar: The seismic traffic automation - used for bioacoustics?

MB Seminar - Luke Thompson

GP Seminar - Kim Olsen

Ecology Seminar: "Biodiversity: From evolutionary origins to ecosystem functioning"

AOS Seminar: Title: Rising C level: approaches for measuring and conveying changes to the marine CO2 reservoir.

MB Seminar - Stuart Sandin

GP seminar - Marine Denolle

CMBC Brown Bag: Brad Wiley, IATTC

Ecology Seminar: "Is gas keeping you up?" Post-release survival and behavior of deep-dwelling rockfishes (genus Sebastes) suffering from barotrauma

MB Seminar - Anna Edlund

GP seminar - Sanja Panovska

Ecology Seminar: "Biophysical interactions affecting marine snow settling and formation"

AOS Seminar: Title: Oceans of (Image) Data

MB Seminar - Gerald Kooyman

GP seminar - Yihe Huang

Special CASPO Seminar: "How long will our fossil fuels last, with implications for climate models"

CASPO Seminar: "Using ocean salinity to predict terrestrial rainfall"

Ecology Seminar: "Experimental methods to study behavioral responses of marine mammals to sonar off southern California"

AOS Seminar: Cancelled

MB Seminar - Liz Dinsdale

Climate Solutions: The Missing Element

GP seminar - Mark Zumberge

Southwest Fisheries seminar: Photogrammetric Assessment of Blue Whales Using a Small Unmanned Hexacopter

Special CASPO Seminar: “Overview of a new North Pacific Climate Paradigm and the Impact of Pacific Asian Marginal Seas”

AOS Seminar is cancelled

AOS Seminar: Cancelled

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Keith Pezzoli

Ecology Seminar: "Plankton ecosystem dynamics and eddies in the California Current System, a numerical approach"

CASPO Seminar - Larry Pratt (WHOI): "A simplified model of the North Iceland Jet and the circulation in the Nordic Seas"

Marine Biology Seminar- Francisco Werner, Director, Southwest Fisheries Science Center

GP seminar - Heidi Fuqua

CMBC Brown Bag: Wendy Norden

Ecology Seminar: "Biomechanics of Micro-organism Environmental Interactions using Digital Holographic Microscope and Microfluidics"

AOS Seminar: Cancelled

Scripps Technical Forum - iXBlue Positioning and Navigation Systems

Marine Biology Seminar- TBA

GP seminar - Anne Obermann

Ecology Seminar: "Predators in Canada: Fishing, sea otters, and coastal ecosystems on Vancouver Island"

CASPO Invited Seminar - Steve Lentz (WHOI): "Wave-driven flow across a platform coral reef in the Red Sea"

CASPO invited lecture: Steve Lentz, Wind driven exchange across the inner shelf

CASPO Seminar - P Adams (Carnegie-Mellon), "Global simulations of tropospheric cloud condensation nuclei"

AOS Seminar: Title: "Predawn of CalCOFI frequency domain acoustics for remote identification and sizing of schooling fish"

Marine Biology Seminar- Karen Van Hoesen, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director, UCSD Diving Medicine Center, UCSD School of Medicine

GP seminar - Edwin Nissen

CMBC Brown Bag: Ayana Johnson-Waitt Institute

Ecology Seminar: "Defining wetland restoration success in a time of change"

Polar Seminar: Anders Damsgaard, "Numerical modeling of subglacial sediment and water: Viscous creep and plastic failure"

Special Joint Polar-CASPO Seminar: "Ocean-glacier interactions in Greenland: Fjord dynamics and heat transport"

AOS Seminar: Cancelled

Marine Biology Seminar- Carolyn Kurle, Assistant Professor, UCSD, Division of Biological Sciences, Ecology, Behavior and Evolution Section

GP seminar - Kevin Brown

Ecology Seminar: "The influence of ocean conditions on vertical and horizontal distributions of marine organisms"

CASPO seminar: Jinbo Wang - "The cross frontal exchange near the Drake Passage"

AOS Seminar: Title: An In Situ Micro-PIV System for Studying Coral Diffusion Boundary Layers

Marine Biology Seminar- Steve Stohs, Economist, NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center and Chairman of the PFMC HMS Management Team

GP seminar - Sanja Panovska

Deborah Bronk Seminar

Polar Seminar: Anja Diez, SIO, "Active and passive source seismics in Antarctica"

CASPO Seminar: "The Tokar Gap Jet: Dynamics, variability and links with the summer African Monsoon"

Ecology Seminar: "Spontaneous patch formation in a swarm of robotic plankton: Depth-keeping in internal waves"

CASPO seminar - Jay McCreary (U Hawaii)

Polar Seminar: Jill Mikucki, "The geophysicist and the microbe: an exploration of subglacial life"

AOS Seminar: Title: Random noise: beauty or the beast?

Marine Biology Seminar- Steve Stohs, Economist, NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center and Chairman of the PFMC HMS Management Team

GP seminar - Brent Minchew

CASPO Seminar: "El Nino, La Nina and Walker Circulation"

Ecology Seminar: "Biodiversity: From evolutionary origins to ecosystem functioning"

AOS Seminar: Title: "Compressive beamforming"

Marine Biology Seminar- Frank Courchamp

Polar Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus, "New observations from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice core suggest strong warming prior to atmospheric CO2 increase during the last deglaciation"

Ecology Seminar: "Is your shrimp cocktail destroying the planet? Ecosystem dynamics of land use, climate change and mangrove ecosystems."

CASPO seminar - Louis Clement

Dr. Contestabile, Editor of Nature Climate Change

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Yui Takeshita

Marine Biology Seminar- Charlotte Boyd, Postdoc SIO/Southwest Fisheries Science Center

GP seminar - Alejandro Ortega

CASPO Seminar: "Exploring key model physics in simulating the Madden-Julian Oscillation"

Ecology Seminar: "When models meet observations -- data assimilation in marine ecosystem models"

Polar Seminar: Matthew Mazloff, "State of the Climate: Southern Ocean Discussion"

CASPO seminar - Matthew Spydell

AOS Seminar: Title: "Testing conceptual viability of a “smart hook” for reducing bycatch and marine mammal interactions"

Marine Biology Seminar- Ed Parnell, Associate Researcher, SIO

GP seminar - Leah Ziegler

Polar Seminar: Jess Millar, "Sources and sinks of momentum in the Southern Ocean State Estimate"

Ecology Seminar: "Sensing mechanisms and ecological consequences of flow-induced larval behavior"

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Christian Moellmann

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Dieter Bevans

Marine Biology Seminar- Brian Hentschel, Associate Professor of Biology, SDSU

GP seminar - John Fletcher

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Xabier Irigoien

CASPO Seminar: “Europe at the Seaside: a 'blue revolution', from science to policies and 'blue growth'”

MAS MBC Capstone Projects 2015

Polar Seminar: Alex Michaud, Montana State University, "Relict marine influences on contemporary microbial processes in Subglacial Lake Whillans, West Antarctica"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "The science of climate geoengineering: Stratospheric aerosols and human decision-making"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "Enhancing the ocean's role in atmospheric CO2 management: Marine (geo)chemistry methods"

CASPO Seminar: "Instability and mixing of zonal jets along an idealized continental shelf break"

Scripps Technical Forum - Severn Marine Technologies - Biofouling

CASPO Seminar: "Sources and fate of cryosphere carbon in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean"

MSC Sustainable Seafood Program

Lunch and Learn: 2015 TriNet Challenge

AOS Seminar Talk: Global Ocean Acoustic Propagation: Measurements and 3D Modeling

AOS Seminar: Cancelled

CMBC Brown Bag: Nicole Capretz

Ecology Seminar: "Protistan grazer roles in marine food webs"

AOS Seminar Speaker: Carl Gibson

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Paul Jensen

Polar Seminar: Lynne Talley, "Topographic controls on pathways of northern Deep Waters through the ACC: a framework for understanding changes in the Bellinghausen Sea warm waters, sea ice, and circulation"

Ecology Seminar: "Blue and fin whale habitat use off Southern California based on acoustic data"

AOS Seminar: Toward ocean attenuation tomography: Determining acoustic volume attenuation coefficients in seawater using detected eigenray amplitudes

NSF Geo Informational Seminar

Special CASPO Seminar: "The lineage of El Nino"

GP seminar - Vera Schulte-Pelkum, U. Colorado Boulder

Ecology Seminar: "Seeking order amidst species diversity: insights from a trait-based approach"

AOS Seminar: "Two emerging approaches to source localization: (1) array/waveguide invariant and (2) frequency-difference MFP"

GP seminar - John Haines, GNS Science New Zealand

CMBC Brown Bag: Adventures in Marine Conservation on Maui

CASPO Seminar: "Wave–vortex decomposition from one-dimensional ship and aircraft observations"

Ecology Seminar: "The physiology of coral-microbial symbiosis"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Katie Barott


GP seminar - David Sandwell, IGPP

Ecology Seminar: "Investigating hypoxia tolerance and cellular metabolism via genomic editing"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Scott Parks

CASPO Seminar: Daniel Lecoanet - Volumetric Excitation of Internal Waves

AOS Seminar Speakers: Chomgun Cho & Kay Gemba

MB Seminar: Deirdre Lyons

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Deirdre Lyons

GP seminar - Cathy Constable

CMBC Brown Bag: Peter Matthews

Polar Seminar: Till Wagner, "On the Role of Buoyant Flexure in Glacier Calving"

Ecology Seminar: "The effects of noise on pinniped behavior and distribution"


MB Seminar: E.W. Misty Paig-Tran

GP seminar - Pratap Sahay, CICESE

CASPO Seminar: "Dissolved Oxygen, global and regional trends"

AOS Seminar Cancelled

MB Seminar: Charlotte Boyd

GP seminar - Michael Bevis, Ohio State University

Polar Seminar: Jennifer MacKinnon, "ArcticMix Adventures"

Ecology Seminar: "Fragmenting marine habitats: impacts across ecological levels and ecosystems"

AOS Seminar Title: On understanding the physics of the interaction of light and sound with organisms in the sea: Can it help us figure out what is there?

MB Seminar: Cuncong Zhong

Polar Seminar: Dustin Schroeder (NASA-JPL), "Geophysical Radioglaciology: A Window into the Physical Processes of Marine Ice Sheets"

Ecology Seminar: "Surfzone hydrodynamics as a key determinant of spatial variation in nearshore communities"

AOS Seminar

MB Seminar: Jan Amend

GP seminar - Allen McNamara, ASU

AOS Seminar:

AOS Seminar:

Annual Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Speaker: Margaret Davidson

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium 2016