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AOS Seminar: Title: The History and Future of the Hydrographic Doppler Sonar System on the R.V. Roger Revelle

GS/MCG Seminar (Emily Chin - SIO)

GS/MCG (Kathy Barbeau - SIO)

CASPO Seminar - Emily Newsom (Caltech)

Institutional Seminar

Dissertation Defense: Lynn Waterhouse

Dissertation Defense: Zhao Chen

GS/MCG Seminar (Philip Bresnahan - SIO)

Dissertation Defense: Travis Schramek

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Danny Feltham, "Toward an improved sea ice model using observations, theory, and modelling"

CASPO Seminar - Remi Tailleux (University of Reading)

Dissertation Defense: Amanda Carter

Dissertation Defense: Arjun Jagannathan

Thesis Defense: Kira LaFace

Salty Cinema V: Polar Oceans

Dissertation Defense: Michelle Bibbins

Institutional Seminar

Earth Section Seminar: Brian Romans, Virginia Tech

CMBC Brown Bag

Ecology Seminar: Sustaining marine fisheries: progress and challenges (Dr. Ray Hilborn, University of Washington)

Dissertation Defense: Brian Stock

Knowlton/Jackson Distinguished Lecturer : Rashid Sumaila

GS/MCG Seminar: Lelia Hawkins (Harvey Mudd College)

Geophysics seminar: Nader Shakibay Senobari (UC Riverside) "Advances in earthquake similarity search: mining large seismic data sets from central and northern California"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. David Lavers, "The gauging and modeling of rivers in the sky"

Ecology Seminar: Metabolic diversity of archaea in the ocean (Dr. Alyson Santoro, UCSB)

CASPO Seminar - Isabela Le Bras (SIO)

Geophysics seminar: Patrick Lynett (University of Southern California) "Tsunami-Induced Coastal Currents"

Ecology Seminar: Corals and Climate Change: How will they survive? (Dr. Andréa G. Grottoli, The Ohio State University)

Institutional Seminar

Invited Presentation: Dawn Wright, Esri Chief Scientist

Geophysics seminar: Lisa Tauxe (SIO/GRD) "Hunting the magnetic field"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Tra Dinh, "Impacts of time variations of insolation on cloud and water vapour feedbacks and equilibrium climate sensitivity"

Ecology Seminar: Phytoplankton in a changing world, towards predicting winners and losers (Dr. Gwenn Hennon, Columbia University)

CASPO Seminar - Ignacio Sepulveda (SIO)

AOS Seminar: Methodologies for understanding phytoplankton responses to global environmental change

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jerry Meehl, “How is decadal variability in the tropical Pacific linked to sea ice variations in the Arctic and Antarctic?”

Geophysics seminar: Anne Bécel “GeoPRISMs distinguished lecture”

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Sarah Kang, "Recent progress in the energetics framework linking extratropical forcing and tropical rainfall distribution"

Ecology Seminar: Conflicts and synergies in water and food security and rewilding in South America (Dr. Jonathan Shurin, UCSD)

CASPO Seminar - Brian Arbic (University of Michigan)

AOS Seminar: Aligning strategic priorities, science and technology developments, and the operation of the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS)

GS/MCG Seminar: Mike Lawler (UCI)

Geophysics seminar: Elena Miranda (CSU Northridge) "Grain size sensitivity controls strain localization in lower oceanic crust: a study of plagioclase deformation mechanisms"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Emanuele Di Lorenzo, "Mechanisms of increasing Pacific climate variability and synchrony in marine ecosystems"

Ecology Seminar: Hitting a moving target: Microbial adaptation in a dynamic ocean (Dr. Naomi M. Levine, University of Southern California Dornsife)

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Anna Savage

Seminar with NPR's science correspondent Christopher Joyce

Dissertation Defense: Nathan Moss

Geophysics seminar: Adriano Gualandi (JPL) "Geodetic imaging of tectonic deformation: implications for earthquakes predictability"

Polar Seminar: Paul Wassmann (University of Tromsø), "Tools for pan-Arctic integration: the case for conceptual models"

Ecology Seminar: Coral calcification across inshore and offshore reefs of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System: significance for Caribbean coral reefs under global change (Dr. Karl Castillo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

AOS Seminar: Speaker: John Hildebrand

Institutional Seminar

Dissertation Defense: Jessie Saunders

GS/MCG Seminar: Vic Camp (SDSU)

Earth Section Seminar: Jean-Philippe Avouac, Caltech

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Mike Wallace, "Patterns of SST variability associated with ENSO and the PDO" and "Characterizing the climatology of tropical precipitation"

Ecology Seminar: Unravelling the paradox of exceptional deep-sea biodiversity (Dr. Craig McClain, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium)

CASPO Seminar - Magdalena Andres (WHOI)

Dissertation Defense: Adrian Doran

GS/MCG Seminar: Kate Mackey (UCI)

Polar Seminar: Johan Nilsson (Stockholm University), "Was the glacial Arctic Ocean covered by kilometer thick floating ice shelves?"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Scot Rafkin, "Everyone knows it’s Windy; Let’s put some numbers on that"

Ecology Seminar: The influence of spatiotemporal variation on coral performance in changing environments (Dr. Sarah Davies, Boston University)

Geophysics seminar: Martin Vallée (IPGP, Paris) "Multiple observations of the prompt elastogravity signals heralding direct seismic waves"

CASPO Seminar - Jennifer Burney (UCSD)

GS/MCG Seminar: Xiaoming Liu (UNC)

Geophysics seminar: Anna Kelbert (USGS) "Geomagnetic storms and their effects on electric power grids: the role of geophysics"

Dissertation Defense: Jose Alfredo Giron Nava

Polar Seminar: Andrew Twelves (University of Edinburgh), "Implementing MITgcm and BLING to investigate physical-biogeochemical interactions in the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Alison Cobb, "Mesoscale signature of the North Atlantic Oscillation and its interaction with the ocean"

Ecology Seminar: Solar-powered acid drills: an exploration of the cellular exaptations that help giant clams conquer stone (Dr. Eric Armstrong, University of California Berkeley)

Dissertation Defense: Katherine Wilson

Earth Section Seminar: Isabel Rivera-Collazo, SIO

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Aitor Anduaga, "The Taming of the Weather, or how state interests shaped weather forecasting, 1840-1910"

Dissertation Defense: Jonathan Eliashiv

CASPO Seminar - Tim Duda (WHOI)

Scripps Science Policy Discussion Group: John-O Niles

CASPO Seminar - Marianna Linz (UCLA)

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Colin Zarzycki, "Gauging hurricane intensity errors in high-resolution AGCMs with simplified ocean models"

GS/MCG Seminar: Jabrane Labidi (UCLA)

Geophysics seminar: Sunyoung Park (Caltech) "Probing Earth’s Near-Surface Structure Using Body-Wave Polarization"

Ecology Seminar: From cells to reefs: the ecology and physiology of coral-microbial symbioses (Dr. Katie Barott, University of Pennsylvania)

CMBC Special Seminar - Wed. April 3

CASPO Seminar - Dmitry Dukhovskoy (Florida State University)

MB Seminar: From microbes to megafauna: using genomics in shark research and conservation (Dr. Elizabeth Dinsdale, SDSU)

GS/MCG Seminar: David DeHaan (USD)

Geophysics seminar: Christopher Johnson (SIO) "Classifying emergent and impulsive seismic noise in continuous waveforms with machine learning models"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Matthew Archer, "Frontogenesis, submesoscale instability, and subduction within the mesoscale eddy field of the East Australian Current system"

Ecology Seminar: Reconstructing animal foraging to understand community ecology and inform conservation (Dr. Carolyn Kurle, Biological Sciences, UCSD)

CASPO Seminar - Nicole Couto (SIO)

Polar Seminar: Felicity McCormack (University of Tasmania & University of California, Irvine), "Ice sheet dynamic flow and response to ocean forcing"

MB Seminar: Phylogenies, fluorescence, citizen science, and Latin: early career adventures in malacology (Dr. Jann Vendetti, NHMLA)

GS/MCG Seminar: Shannon Klotsko (SDSU)

Geophysics seminar: Benjamin Chao (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) "A 6-year Geophysical Westward Rotary Motion in the Earth: Kinematics and Dynamics"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Yackar Mauzole, "Pattern and dynamics of SST fronts in the California Current System"

Ecology Seminar: How Studies of Natural Gradients and Natural Variability Inform Us About Climate Change Vulnerabilities of Marine Ecosystem (Dr. Natalya Gallo, SIO-UCSD)

CASPO Seminar - Thomas Connolly (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories)

MB Seminar: Exploring the microbial mixotrophic mediators of marine planktonic communities (Dr. Karla Heidelberg, USC)

Thesis Defense: Pierre Churukian

Institutional Seminar

GS/MCG Seminar: Claudia Czimczik (UCI)

Earth Section Seminar: Tina Treude, UCLA

CMBC Brown Bag - April 23

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Casey Wall, "On the balanced radiative effects of tropical convection"

Ecology Seminar: When good animals do bad things; management issues with California sea lions along the West Coast (Dr. Zachary Schakner)

CASPO Seminar - Michael Jacox (NOAA)

MB Seminar: Regenerative capacity of somatic and germline tissue in the annelid Capitella teleta (Dr. Elaine Seaver, UF)

Thesis Defense: Katelin Pedersen

GS/MCG Seminar: Seth John (USC)

Faculty candidate seminar - Kelly Sutherland

Geophysics seminar: Tobias Keller (Stanford) "A little goes a long way: the role of volatiles in volcanic systems"

Ecology Seminar: Characterizing the marine sediment microbiome: from global patterns to host-associated trends (Dr. Holly Bik, UC Riverside)

Faculty candidate seminar - Erica Goetze

MB Seminar: Ecology and physiology of methane-fueled archaeal-bacterial syntrophy in the deep sea (Dr. Victoria Orphan, Caltech)

GS/MCG Seminar: Alyse Larkin (UCI)

Faculty candidate seminar - Duncan Leitch

Geophysics seminar: An Yin (UCLA) "Water hammers tremor during plate convergence"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Shineng Hu, "The role of cross-equatorial winds in modulating El Nino diversity and decadal changes"

Ecology Seminar: Benthic communities of fjords in British Columbia: the deep sea on our doorstep (Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe, University of Victoria)

CASPO Seminar - Nicholas Foukal (WHOI)

Polar Seminar: Frank Vernon (SIO), "The Future of the Alaska Transportable Array"

MB Seminar: Marine Heatwaves, ENSO, and a Warming Arctic: The "New Normal" of Seabird Mass Mortality Events (Dr. Julia K. Parrish, UW)

Faculty candidate seminar - Cristian Proistosescu

GS/MCG Seminar: Keith Moore (UCI)

Faculty candidate seminar - Michael Tift

CMBC Brown Bag - May 14 --Communicating Science

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Juliane Dannberg

Institutional Seminar

Ecology Seminar: Marine fisheries and the ghosts of warming past, present, and future (Dr. Chris Free, UC Santa Barbara)

MB Seminar: Extreme Alliances: Relationships between deep-sea animals and bacteria (Dr. Shana Goffredi, OXY)

Faculty candidate seminar - Moira Décima

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Matt Jeglum, "Putting ensembles to work: The National Blend of Models and the evolution of forecasting in the National Weather Service"

GS/MCG Seminar: Lesleis Nagy (SIO)

Seminar - Angeline Pendergrass

Earth Section Seminar: Juan Lora, Yale

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Matthias Morzfeld

Ecology Seminar: Small and mighty: Microbial-Animal symbiosis and their influence on deep sea environments (Dr. Peter Girguis, Harvard University)

Faculty candidate seminar - Adrian Callaghan

CASPO Seminar - Leonel Romero (UCSB)

Faculty candidate seminar - Alice-Agnes Gabriel

Geophysics seminar: Zach Eilon (UCSB) "An adaptive Bayesian inversion for upper mantle structure using surface waves and scattered body waves"

MB Seminar: Fins, limbs, and the evolutionary leap from water to land (Dr. Sandy Kawano, CSULB)

Joint SIO/ECE faculty candidate seminar - Shima Abadi

Dissertation Defense: Angelica Rodriguez

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Josh Howe, "America in the world in the Anthropocene …or… A fox and a hedgehog walk into a bar"

Faculty candidate seminar - Michael Pritchard

Dissertation Defense: Rachel Diner

Dissertation Defense: Kaitlyn Lowder

Ecology Seminar: From Fossils to Fish: unraveling ecology and taxonomy from ancient marine microfossils (Dr. Elizabeth Sibert, Harvard University)

Dissertation Defense: Matthew Cook

CASPO Seminar - John Largier (UC-Davis)

French-American Talks on Biodiversity

Faculty candidate seminar - Sarah Kang

Dissertation Defense: Eric Gallimore

MB 2nd-Year Student Research Symposium

Faculty candidate seminar - Camilla Cattania

GS/MCG Seminar: Eric Saltzman (UCI)

Faculty candidate seminar - Nicholas Lutsko

Geophysics seminar: Julian Lozos (CSU Northridge) "TBD"

Faculty candidate seminar - Daniel Trugman

Ecology Seminar: Microbial responses to environmental change in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (Dr. Cristina Takacs-Vesbach, University of New Mexico)

Joint SIO/ECE faculty candidate seminar - Florian Meyer

Joint SIO/ECE special seminar - Stanley Chan

Dissertation Defense: Tiago Ferreira Leao

Thesis Defense: Sandra Slead

Thesis Defense: Laura Furtado

MB Seminar: From fish to stars: cell-cell adhesion and cell differentiation in embryonic development and evolution (Dr. Vanessa Barone, SIO)

Dissertation Defense: Brian House

Dissertation Defense: Jia Jia Zhang

MAS MBC Capstone Symposium

Geophysics seminar: Deborah Kilb (SIO) "Remote Aftershock Trigging — Ubiquitous or Rare?"

Dissertation Defense: Daniel Koestner

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Gary Lackmann, "Low-level jets, potential vorticity, and Atmospheric Rivers"

CASPO Seminar - Stefan Helmreich (MIT)

Dissertation Defense: Abigail Cannon

Thesis Defense: Gregory Mamikunian

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jason Knievel, "Progress on developing a system for predicting the behavior of wildfires in Colorado"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - David May

CASPO Seminar: Naoya Takahashi, "Interaction between oceanic low-level cloud and sea surface temperature in summertime North Pacific"

CASPO Seminar - Peter Sutherland (IFREMER)

CASPO Seminar: Pierre-Yves Passaggia (UNC Chapel Hill)

Dissertation Defense: Maitreyi Nagarkar

Dissertation Defense: Wei Wang

Geophysics seminar: Thomas Ferrand (SIO) "Deciphering transformation-induced earthquakes from the lab to the field and from slabs to atoms"

Thesis Defense: Corinne Amir

Dissertation Defense: Matthew Costa

Dissertation Defense: Gabriel Castro Falcon

Thesis Defense: Tianhan (Tanya) Xu

Dissertation Defense: Emily Wei

Dissertation Defense: Sarah Shackleton

Dissertation Defense: Elizabeth FIne

Thesis Defense: Katrina Cantu

Thesis Defense: Rebecca Hernandez

Dissertation Defense: Dillon Amaya

Thesis Defense: Shane Finnerty

Dissertation Defense: Lillian McCormick

Dissertation Defense: Maryam Asgari Lamjiri

Dissertation Defense: Marco Allemann

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Michael Murphy, "The potential for discriminating microphysical processes in numerical weather forecasts using airborne polarimetric radio occultations"

Dissertation Defense: Alan Seltzer

AOS Seminar:

Geophysics seminar: Yoav Freund (UCSD) "How to use (and misuse) machine learning"

Dissertation Defense: Angel Ruacho

Dissertation Defense: Madeleine Hamann

Dissertation Defense: Travis Courtney

GS/MCG Seminar: Julia Diaz

Thesis Defense: Jessica Sportelli

Ecology Seminar: Ari Friedlaender (University of California Santa Cruz)

CASPO Seminar: Fabrice Ardhuin

AOS Seminar: Dr. Sarah Gille

MB Seminar: Parasites in marine food webs (Dr. Kevin Lafferty, UC Santa Barbara- USGS)

GS/MCG Seminar: Nicolas Barth

Ecology Seminar: Oscar Schofield (Rutgers University)

CASPO Seminar: Mark England

AOS Seminar: Dr. Heechun Song

Geophysics seminar: Valerie Sahakian (University of Oregon) "Near-Field Seismic and Geodetic Observations of a Tsunami Earthquake"

MB Seminar: Anthropogenic impacts on marine subsidies to coastal ecosystems (Dr. Jeremy Long, SDSU)

GS/MCG Seminar: Naomi Levine

Ecology Seminar: David Ainley (HT Harvey & Associates)

CASPO Seminar: Bruce Howe

Geophysics seminar: Catherine Johnson (UBC) "The Magnetic Field of Mars: Progress and Puzzles"

MB Seminar: Light-harvesting in the surface ocean: the ecological role of proteorhodopsin- based photoheterotrophy (Dr. Laura Gómez-Consarnau, CICESE - USC)

GS/MCG Seminar: Emily Cooperdock

Geophysics seminar: Peter Shearer (UCSD) "Imaging Upper-Mantle Structure under USArray using Long-Period Reflection Seismology"

Dissertation Defense: Jessica Carrière-Garwood

Ecology Seminar: Matheau Ardyna (Stanford University)

CASPO Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus

AOS Seminar

MB Seminar: How Mollusks Make Molecules: Chemical Ecology of Some Gastropods (Dr. Eric Schmidt, University of Utah)

Chow Series Lecture 1: Dr. Daniel Sigman (Princeton) - "The Southern Ocean during the ice ages"

Geophysics seminar: Mark Jellinek (UBC) "The climate footprint of Earth’s super continental cycles"

Chow Series Lecture 2: Dr. Daniel Sigman (Princeton) - "Nitrogen in the ocean: Dynamic flows but a stable reservoir"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Luc Lenain, "Observations of Air-Sea Interaction"

Ecology Seminar: Diane McKnight (University of Colorado Boulder)

CASPO Seminar: Kurt Polzin

Institutional Seminar

AOS Seminar: Dr. Kaitlin Frasier, "Big data in a context vacuum: Learning more from offshore passive acoustics"

AOS Seminar

MB Seminar: Environmental DNA Tools and Applications for Oceans and the Great Lakes (Dr. Luke Thompson, NOAA OAR)

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Richard Rotunno, "Direct numerical simulation of lee vortices in two-layer flow"

Geophysics seminar: Gareth Funning (UC Riverside) "What have we learned from 27 years of earthquake studies with InSAR"

Rosenblatt Technical Talk:

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Amy Waterhouse, "Exploring the interconnectivity of mid-ocean basins, the margins, and continental shelves through internal-wave and mixing processes"

Ecology Seminar: Colleen Durkin (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories)

Dissertation Defense: Madeleine Harvey

CASPO Seminar: Shota Katsura

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Sophia Merrifield, "Unmanned sensing of the upper ocean"

GS/MCG Seminar: Norman Murray

AOS Seminar: Dr. Grant Deane

MB Seminar: Fishers' behavioral responses to catch shares in the US West Coast Groundfish fishery (Dr. Peter Kuriyama, NOAA SWFSC)

Geophysics seminar: Eric Xu (UCSD) "Surface rupturing and triggered slip on nearby faults from the Ridgecrest earthquakes revealed by InSAR"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Verena Hormann, "Near-surface circulation and sea surface salinity in the tropical oceans"

Ecology Seminar: Sven Gastauer (University of California San Diego)

CASPO Seminar: Stephen Monismith

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Ryan Lagerquist, "Using Deep Learning to improve prediction and understanding of atmospheric phenomena"

GS/MCG Seminar: Kari Cooper

AOS Seminar: Dr. Rick Reynolds

MB Seminar: "You are what you eat: Nutritional Physiology in Fishes Influences Ecology" (Dr. Samantha Leigh; California State University, Fullerton)

Thesis Defense: Zoe Sebright

GS/MCG Seminar: Allen Glazner

Special AOS Seminar

Seminar with San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial & Opinion Director Matthew T. Halll

Geophysics seminar: Kristine Larson (Colorado Center for Astrodynamic Research) "GPS Can’t Do That, Can It? How making a GPS receiver into a better seismometer led to the development of new snow, soil moisture, vegetation, and water level sensors"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Christine Albano, "Patterns and drivers of Atmospheric River precipitation and hydrologic impact variability in the western US"

Ecology Seminar: Charles Stock (NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory)

CASPO Seminar: Greg Sinnett

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Francesca Viterbo, “Examples of National Water Model evaluation at forecast and retrospective scales”

Institutional Seminar

AOS Seminar

MB Seminar: Marine Host-Microbiome Interactions: Challenges and Opportunities (Dr. Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis)

Dissertation Defense: Benjamin Whitmore

Geophysics seminar: Monika Korte (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences) "Geomagnetic Excursions Through the Past 100 kyr"

GS/MCG Seminar: Andrea Fassbender

Dissertation Defense: Waen Anutaliya

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Dian Putrasahan, "Role of ocean mesoscale eddies on the response of the climate system to strong greenhouse gas forcing"

Dissertation Defense: James Holmes

Ecology Seminar: Caroline Casey (University of California Santa Cruz)

Dissertation Defense: Mariela Brooks

CASPO Seminar: Georgy Manucharyan

Dissertation Defense: Emma Harrison

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jan Keller, "The added value of regional reanalysis"

AOS Seminar

MB Seminar: "Integrating multiple classes of data to reconstruct past events - from the first communities of multicellular organisms in the Ediacaran to Holocene Extinction on the California Coast" (Dr. David Jacobs; UCLA)

MB Seminar: The CalCOFI Program: Monitoring and Managing the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem since 1949 (Dr. Andrew Thompson, NOAA SWFSC)

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Soon-Il An, "Nonlinear dynamics on El Niño-La Niña asymmetry"

Ecology Seminar: Alan Hastings (UC Davis)

Dissertation Defense: Jennifer Le

Thesis Defense: Olívia Pereira

Ecology Seminar: Deron Burkepile (UC Santa Barbara)

Institutional Seminar

Geophysics Seminar: Martin Mai, KAUST

MB Seminar: "Using Movement Patterns to Reduce Bycatch, Assess Population Dynamics, and Develop West Coast Fisheries for Swordfish" (Dr. Chugey Sepulveda; PIER)

Geophysics seminar: Tamara Pico (Caltech)

Faculty candidate seminar - Remington Poulin

Ecology Seminar: Cameron Thrash (University of Southern California)

CASPO Seminar: Kim Prather

Faculty candidate seminar - Monica McCallum

MB Seminar: Dr. Jennifer Prairie (University of San Diego)

Faculty candidate seminar - Daniel Petras

Geophysics seminar: Randall Leveque (University of Washington) "Coupled Seismic/Hydroacoustic/Tsunami Simulations"

Ecology Seminar: Annebelle Kok (SIO)

CASPO Seminar: Andrea Jenney

Dissertation Defense: Garfield Kwan

MB Seminar: Dr. Anne Dekas (Stanford University)

Geophysics seminar: Katherine Guns (University of Arizona) "New geodetic constraints on Southern San Andreas Fault slip rates in and around San Gorgonio Pass, CA"

Geophysics seminar: David Sandwell (SIO) "Evolving the Geodetic Infrastructure to Meet New Scientific Needs"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jerry Meehl, “Does the Atlantic force the Pacific or does the Pacific force the Atlantic?”

Ecology Seminar: Marilou Sison-Mangus (University of California Santa Cruz)

CASPO Seminar: TBD

Seminar - Douglas Mitchell

Institutional Seminar

MB Seminar: Dr. Nina Bednarsek (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project)

Geophysics seminar: Sebastien Merkel (Université de Lille) "Phase transitions in the lowermost mantle : effect on microstructures, seismics reflections, and dynamics."

Seminar - Eric Schmidt

CASPO Seminar: Prof. William R. Cotton, "My history of Aerosol-Induced Convective Invigoration"

Ecology Seminar: Diana Rennison (UC San Diego)

Geophysics seminar: John Vidale (USC) "Slow inner core motion - 20 years of tracking a shifty target."

CASPO Seminar: Callum Shakespeare

Special CASPO Seminar: Yasushi Fujiwara

MB Seminar: Dr. Scott Perl (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Special CASPO Seminar: Adrean Webb

Geophysics seminar: Herbert Huppert (Cambridge) "Some granular media flows: ice bergs, pyroclastic flows and land collapses"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Aish Raman, "Challenges in developing better observational constraints and models for aerosols: Emerging ideas for design and use of future observing systems"

Seminar - Mohammad Seyedsayamdost

MB Seminar: Dr. Gerard Wong (University of California, Los Angeles)

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Herbert Huppert, "Stokes flows over corals layers"

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Peter Jan van Leeuwen, "Nonlinear data assimilation for causal discovery in oceanography"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Amélie Simon, "Local and remote climate responses to Arctic sea-ice loss"

Ecology Seminar: Ben Tully (University of Southern California)

CASPO Seminar: Marta Trodahl

MB Seminar: Dr. Dede Lyons (SIO, UCSD)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Sunyoung Park

Geophysics seminar: Kenneth Hudnut (USGS) "Cross-Fault Interaction in the July 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence, Southern California"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Adeyemi Adebiyi, "Between Smoke and Dust: How uncertainties in absorbing aerosols limit our understanding of global climate"

Ecology Seminar: Steven Schimdt (University of Colorado Boulder)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Nathaniel Lindsey

CASPO Seminar: Zuzanna Swirad

MB Seminar: Dr. Katherine Duncan (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

Dissertation Defense: Daniela Faggiani Dias

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Daniel Frost

Thesis Defense: Tianyun Hua

Ecology Seminar: Tadashi Fukami (Stanford University)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Wenyuan Fan

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CANCELLED: MB Seminar: Dr. Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh (DOE Joint Genome Institute)

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Shih-Wei Fang

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: TBD

Institutional Seminar

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Julien Emile-Geay, "Climate scaling, memory, and long-term projections"

CASPO Seminar: TBD

Zoom MB Seminar: Jack Gilbert (UC San Diego) "Understanding host-microbe interaction in soil systems"

CASPO Seminar: TBD

Special CASPO Seminar: Jiabao Wang, "Understanding tropical-midlatitude interactions: dynamical processes, future change, and subseasonal predictability"

Geophysics seminar: Tianze Liu (SIO/IGPP) "Imaging the lithosphere with Virtual Deep Seismic Sounding (VDSS) "

CASPO Seminar: Antonietta Capotondi

Zoom MB Seminar: Carlos Mireles (CDFW-Santa Barbara)

Geophysics seminar: Weisen Shen (Stony Brook) "TBD"

Ecology Seminar: Holly Moeller (UC Santa Barbara)

Institutional Seminar Series

CASPO Seminar: LuAnne Thompson

Zoom MB Seminar: Levi Lewis (UC Davis)

CASPO Seminar: Kristen Thyng

Scripps Technical Forum - Virtual Meeting - TE Connectivity SEACON

Geophysics seminar: Shun-ichiro Karato (Yale) "Deep mantle melting, global water circulation and its implications for the stability of the ocean mass "

Scripps Technical Forum webinar - Anekonnect

Institutional Seminar Series

Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Speaker Lecture