Towards a new system for analysis of environmental disasters and risk assessment

AOS Seminar

Ecology Seminar

Some theoretical advancements and improved conceptions in ocean wave shoaling and wave-current interactions

"Seasonal Sea Surface Cooling in Equatorial Pacific Cold Tongue Controlled by Ocean Mixing"

Marine Biology Student Symposium

Earth Section Seminar: Burke Hales, Oregon State University

Faculty Candidate Seminar

CMBC Brown Bag Seminar

CASPO Seminar

Faculty Candidate Seminar

CMBC Brown Bag Seminar

Intraseasonal variations in salinity and the barrier layer in the equatorial Indian Ocean

"Sensitivity of Earth’s Past Warm Climates to Aerosol-Cloud Properties"

CASPO Seminar: "Critical sensitivities of the superparameterized Madden-Julian Oscillation consistent with moisture mode dynamics"

CASPO seminar: "A Hessian-based method for Uncertainty Quantification in Global Ocean State Estimation"

CASPO Seminar: "Idealised single forcing GCM simulations to investigate the climate system's response"

Summer Internship Presentations

CASPO seminar: “Horizontal nutrient transport and its implications for primary production and climate”

Managing for Tuna and Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Diversity Seminar with Linda Green, VC for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Earth Section Seminar

Special Seminar: Submersible Holography and its Application

CASPO Seminar: "Multiproxy constraints on ENSO statistics"

Commercialization of Microalgae in China: Advances and Perspectives

Earth Section Seminar: Untouchable Rocks: evolution, composition, and prospects for exploration of extrasolar solids

AOS Seminar: Underwater Acoustics for the Australian Maritime Environment

Ecology Seminar: CANCELLED

CASPO seminar: "What do networks have to do with climate?"

Open Coffee Hour with the New Director-RSVP only

AOS Seminar Cancelled

Marine Biology Seminar: Speciation and adaption in the marine realm: lessons from functional genomics of intertidal copepod

Open Coffee Hour with the New Director-RSVP only

Ecology Seminar: "Making Dives that Count: Estimating fish populations to inform conservation and management efforts"

CASPO seminar: "Small-scale turbulence and the oceanic density structure"

AOS Seminar: Nanophotonics Technology and Applications

Marine Biology Seminar: Exploring the genomic landscape of evolved physiological plasticity in killifish

Earth Section Seminar

Special Seminar- All Welcome

Ecology Seminar: "Geologic Analogs to Future Global Change"

CASPO seminar:"Boundary Layer Dynamics and Deep Ocean Mixing in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Canyons"

AOS Seminar: Research at the Air-Sea-Interaction Laboratory

Marine Biology Seminar: Social insect invasions: Linking colony-level traits to success in new environments

Earth Section Seminar: Some New Constrains of Martian Meteorites

CMBC Brown Bag Tuesday:Exploring the Complex Dimensions of Climate Change in the Russian Arctic

CASPO Seminar: "Low-frequency dynamics of eddies and meridional flow in the California Current"

Ecology Seminar: "In-situ underwater microscopy: A transformative technology for observing small organisms in the sea"

CASPO seminar:"Internal tidal energy fluxes in the South China Sea from density and velocity measurements by gliders"

AOS Seminar: Is Coastal Carbon Sedimentation Grossly Underestimated?

Women and Minorities in Science Meet 'n Greet

Marine Biology Seminar: Life in a fluctuating environment - Observations of the transcriptome of the intertidal mussel Mytilus californianus

CASPO Seminar: "The energetic constraints on the zonal mean atmospheric circulation: Why is ITCZ in the North? And why do GCMs have double ITCZ?"

Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Change

Ecology Seminar: "The future of coral reefs in a high-CO2 world"

CASPO seminar: "Subantarctic Mode Water and Antarctic Intermediate Water processes from winter observations in the southeast Pacific and from the Southern Ocean State Estimate"


Marine Biology Seminar: Marine Synechococcus interactions with its biotic environment

Earth Section Seminar

CASPO Seminar: "Using Accelerometer Loggers for measuring tides and currents: Coastal examples and instrument demonstration"

Ecology Seminar: "Wormcam, a novel camera to understand benthic processes"

CASPO seminar: "Progress in Estimating and Observing Ocean-Ice Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet"

AOS Seminar: Cuttlefish camouflage response to vertical and horizontal stimuli

Marine Biology Seminar: Coral pH regulation mechanisms and their roles in promoting photosynthesis and calcification

CMBC Special Seminar - Dr. S. Bijoy Nandan

Ecology Seminar: "Creating chimeras: Experimental manipulations of reef coral symbioses for fun and profit* (not the monetary kind)"

CASPO seminar: "Stratified vortex merger in the Tasman Sea - observed by drifting buoys, Argo et al"

AOS Seminar: Underwater Photometric Stereo

Marine Biology Seminar: Population and species-level genomic diversification in rockfishes (genus Sebastes)

Earth Section Seminar

CMBC Brown Bag Tuesday - RESCHEDULED

Bill Young Faculty Research Lecture

Ecology Seminar: "A natural history of luminescence: evolution, ecology, behavior, morphology and systematics of luminescent ostracods"

AOS Seminar: "Forward scattering of surface reflected underwater sound: measurements, predictions, and applications"

Marine Biology Seminar: Genomic insights into natural product diversity and evolution in a model group of marine bacteria

Ecology Seminar: "What is a subspecies: using genetic data for taxonomic delimitation of cetaceans"

Earth Section Seminar

AOS Seminar: The 2011 Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X-Challenge, How Prize Money Motivated the Design and Construction of the Advancing Grooved Disc Skimmer

Marine Biology Seminar: Genomics of wild and domestic canids

CASPO Seminar: Antipodal Acoustic Thermometry: 1960, 2004

Ecology Seminar: "Molecular interactions of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) with multidrug resistant transport (MDR) proteins"

Ecology Seminar: "Oxygen, Ecology, and the Cambrian radiation of animals"

Ecology Seminar: "The NEMURO Ecosystem Model"

AOS Seminar: The mystery of a striation pattern observed in surface-reflected acoustic signals.

Marine Biology Seminar: Decadal to century scale changes in North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

Marine Biology Seminar: The effect of disturbance on biodiversity is mediated by habitat complexity in eelgrass

Marine Biology Seminar: Processes Driving Natural Acidification and Decline in Net Ecosystem Calcification of Diverse Palauan Coral Reefs

CASPO Seminar - Natalie Zilberman

Marine Biology Seminar

Marine Biology Seminar

Protecting Sharks: Documentary Music and Viewers' Perception

Marine Biology Seminar

Marine Biology Seminar

Marine Biology Seminar

Institutional Seminar Series: Aburto-Oropeza and Day