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CASPO seminar: Jinbo Wang - "The cross frontal exchange near the Drake Passage"

CASPO seminar - Jay McCreary (U Hawaii)

CASPO seminar - Louis Clement

CASPO seminar - Matthew Spydell

CASPO seminar: Natalie Freeman (SIO), "Recent and projected variability of physical and biogeochemical fronts in the Southern Ocean and implications for biogeography"

CASPO Seminar: Larry Pratt (WHOI), "Deep Pacific flow in and around Samoan Passage: the '5' vs. the '805'"

CASPO Seminar: Julia Green (Columbia University), "Large soil moisture constraint on terrestrial carbon cycle"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Molly McClain, "Down to the sea: Ellen Browning Scripps and the origins of SIO"

CASPO Seminar: Joe LaCasce (University of Oslo), "Instability over topography"

CASPO Seminar: Charlie Kennel & Elena Yulaeva (SIO), "Arctic Sea Ice, Atmospheric Plumes, and ENSO"

Special CASPO Seminar: Sam Hatfield, "Improving numerical weather prediction through reduced precision data assimilation"

CASPO Seminar: Andrew Stewart

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Toshiaki Shinoda, "Role of extratropical cyclone and air-sea interaction in the development of Atmospheric Rivers"

CASPO Seminar: Drew Lucas (SIO and MAE), "The phenomenology of internal gravity wave evolution in the internal surf zone"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Laure Zanna, "Ocean heat uptake and dynamic sea level rise: Past and future uncertainty"

CASPO seminar: Sylvia Cole

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Jim Steenburgh, "Cool-season precipitation prediction in complex terrain: Perspectives from the Intermountain West"

CASPO Seminar: Mathieu Morlighem

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Peter Kalmus, "Trajectory-enhanced AIRS observations of environmental factors leading to tornadogenesis"`

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Anthony Parolari, "A multi-factor climate change perspective on forest drought resilience: Modeling the integrated effects of heat, drought, and CO2 on tree mortality"

CASPO Seminar: Andy Thompson

CASPO Seminar: William Turner, "Influences of El Nino on the transatlantic slave trade"

CASPO Seminar: Joern Callies

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Josh Willis, "OMG, It's Melting. Recent results from Oceans Melting Greenland--NASA's airborne mission to study ocean-ice interactions in Greenland"

CASPO Seminar: Geoffrey Vallis

Caspo Seminar: Xuebin Zhang (CSIRO), "Sea Level Projections for the Australian region in the 21st Century"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Dongliang Yuan, "Dynamics of the onsets and development of the latest El Nino events"

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Issam Lakkis, "Lagrangian tracking in stochastic fields with application to an ensemble of velocity fields in the Red Sea"

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Lauren Freeman, "Careers in Navy research: Oceanography, acoustics, marine biology, and more"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Lijing Cheng, "How fast is the ocean warming: Improving the ocean heat content estimates since 1960"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Steve Penny, "What you need to know about data assimilation - and why you should care"

CASPO seminar- Chris Davis (NCAR)

CASPO Seminar - Jesse Cusack (SIO)

CASPO Seminar - Takashi Ijichi (WHOI)

CASPO Seminar - Andrew Delman (JPL)

CASPO Seminar - Olivier Asselin (SIO)

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Robert Bornstein, "Analysis and modeling of urban weather and climate in a changing climate"

CASPO seminar - Alma Carolina Castillo Trujillo (SIO)

CASPO Seminar - Emily Newsom (Caltech)

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Danny Feltham, "Toward an improved sea ice model using observations, theory, and modelling"

CASPO Seminar - Remi Tailleux (University of Reading)

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Peter Oke, "Revisiting the circulation of the East Australian Current: Its path, separation, and eddy field"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. David Lavers, "The gauging and modeling of rivers in the sky"

CASPO Seminar - Isabela Le Bras (SIO)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Tra Dinh, "Impacts of time variations of insolation on cloud and water vapour feedbacks and equilibrium climate sensitivity"

CASPO Seminar - Ignacio Sepulveda (SIO)

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jerry Meehl, “How is decadal variability in the tropical Pacific linked to sea ice variations in the Arctic and Antarctic?”

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Sarah Kang, "Recent progress in the energetics framework linking extratropical forcing and tropical rainfall distribution"

CASPO Seminar - Brian Arbic (University of Michigan)

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Emanuele Di Lorenzo, "Mechanisms of increasing Pacific climate variability and synchrony in marine ecosystems"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Mike Wallace, "Patterns of SST variability associated with ENSO and the PDO" and "Characterizing the climatology of tropical precipitation"

CASPO Seminar - Magdalena Andres (WHOI)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Scot Rafkin, "Everyone knows it’s Windy; Let’s put some numbers on that"

CASPO Seminar - Jennifer Burney (UCSD)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Alison Cobb, "Mesoscale signature of the North Atlantic Oscillation and its interaction with the ocean"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Aitor Anduaga, "The Taming of the Weather, or how state interests shaped weather forecasting, 1840-1910"

CASPO Seminar - Tim Duda (WHOI)

CASPO Seminar - Marianna Linz (UCLA)

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Colin Zarzycki, "Gauging hurricane intensity errors in high-resolution AGCMs with simplified ocean models"

CASPO Seminar - Dmitry Dukhovskoy (Florida State University)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Matthew Archer, "Frontogenesis, submesoscale instability, and subduction within the mesoscale eddy field of the East Australian Current system"

CASPO Seminar - Nicole Couto (SIO)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Yackar Mauzole, "Pattern and dynamics of SST fronts in the California Current System"

CASPO Seminar - Thomas Connolly (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Casey Wall, "On the balanced radiative effects of tropical convection"

CASPO Seminar - Michael Jacox (NOAA)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Shineng Hu, "The role of cross-equatorial winds in modulating El Nino diversity and decadal changes"

CASPO Seminar - Nicholas Foukal (WHOI)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Matt Jeglum, "Putting ensembles to work: The National Blend of Models and the evolution of forecasting in the National Weather Service"

CASPO Seminar - Leonel Romero (UCSB)

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Josh Howe, "America in the world in the Anthropocene …or… A fox and a hedgehog walk into a bar"

CASPO Seminar - John Largier (UC-Davis)

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Gary Lackmann, "Low-level jets, potential vorticity, and Atmospheric Rivers"

CASPO Seminar - Stefan Helmreich (MIT)

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jason Knievel, "Progress on developing a system for predicting the behavior of wildfires in Colorado"

CASPO Seminar: Naoya Takahashi, "Interaction between oceanic low-level cloud and sea surface temperature in summertime North Pacific"

CASPO Seminar - Peter Sutherland (IFREMER)

CASPO Seminar: Pierre-Yves Passaggia (UNC Chapel Hill)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Michael Murphy, "The potential for discriminating microphysical processes in numerical weather forecasts using airborne polarimetric radio occultations"

CASPO Seminar: Fabrice Ardhuin

CASPO Seminar: Mark England

CASPO Seminar: Bruce Howe

CASPO Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Luc Lenain, "Observations of Air-Sea Interaction"

CASPO Seminar: Kurt Polzin

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Richard Rotunno, "Direct numerical simulation of lee vortices in two-layer flow"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Amy Waterhouse, "Exploring the interconnectivity of mid-ocean basins, the margins, and continental shelves through internal-wave and mixing processes"

CASPO Seminar: Shota Katsura

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Sophia Merrifield, "Unmanned sensing of the upper ocean"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Verena Hormann, "Near-surface circulation and sea surface salinity in the tropical oceans"

CASPO Seminar: Stephen Monismith

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Ryan Lagerquist, "Using Deep Learning to improve prediction and understanding of atmospheric phenomena"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Christine Albano, "Patterns and drivers of Atmospheric River precipitation and hydrologic impact variability in the western US"

CASPO Seminar: Greg Sinnett

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Francesca Viterbo, “Examples of National Water Model evaluation at forecast and retrospective scales”

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Dian Putrasahan, "Role of ocean mesoscale eddies on the response of the climate system to strong greenhouse gas forcing"

CASPO Seminar: Georgy Manucharyan

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jan Keller, "The added value of regional reanalysis"

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Soon-Il An, "Nonlinear dynamics on El Niño-La Niña asymmetry"

CASPO Seminar: Kim Prather

CASPO Seminar: Andrea Jenney

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jerry Meehl, “Does the Atlantic force the Pacific or does the Pacific force the Atlantic?”

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Prof. William R. Cotton, "My history of Aerosol-Induced Convective Invigoration"

CASPO Seminar: Callum Shakespeare

Special CASPO Seminar: Yasushi Fujiwara

Special CASPO Seminar: Adrean Webb

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Aish Raman, "Challenges in developing better observational constraints and models for aerosols: Emerging ideas for design and use of future observing systems"

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Herbert Huppert, "Stokes flows over corals layers"

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Peter Jan van Leeuwen, "Nonlinear data assimilation for causal discovery in oceanography"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Amélie Simon, "Local and remote climate responses to Arctic sea-ice loss"

CASPO Seminar: Marta Trodahl

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Adeyemi Adebiyi, "Between Smoke and Dust: How uncertainties in absorbing aerosols limit our understanding of global climate"

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Tamara Schlosser

CASPO Seminar: Andreas Oschlies

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Robert Wills, "Identifying forced climate responses in climate model ensembles and observations using pattern recognition methods"

CASPO Seminar: Pieter Smit

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Phil Arkin, "Global precipitation, climate datasets, and introducing students to climate science”

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Kristen Davis

CASPO Seminar: Mr. Jiabao Wang, "TBD"

CASPO Seminar: Amala Mahadevan

CASPO Seminar: James McWilliams

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Zhengyu Liu, "A theory for seasonal predictability barrier and its application: threshold, timing and magnitude"

CASPO Seminar: Antonietta Capotondi

CASPO Seminar: TBD

CASPO Seminar: TBD