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MAS MBC Capstone Projects 2015

MB Seminar: Deirdre Lyons

MB Seminar: E.W. Misty Paig-Tran

MB Seminar: Charlotte Boyd

MB Seminar: Cuncong Zhong

MB Seminar: Jan Amend

Marine Biology Seminar: Structural elements in biological materials with implications for bioinspired design

Marine Biology Seminar: Origin and evolution of malignant malaria

Marine Biology Seminar: Developing tools for crop protection in algal biomass production

Marine Biology Seminar: Taking RNAseq in Chlamydomonas to the next level

Living Light Conference

Marine Biology Seminar: Discovery and characterization of interkingdom plasmid transfer from bacteria to diatoms

Marine Biology Seminar: The influence of coastal hydrodynamics on nearshore larval barnacle distributions and settlement to the rocky intertidal

Marine Biology Seminar: Molecular toolbox for diatom cell factory

Marine Biology Seminar: Regulation of algal photosynthesis by light and carbon

MB Seminar: Robert Zeller (SDSU) "Comparative development of the ascidian peripheral nervous system"

MB Seminar: Celina Juliano (UCDavis) "PIWI-piRNA pathway function in Hydra stem cells and regeneration"

MB Seminar: David Kline (SIO) "Conservation technologies for coral reef ecology and preservation"

MB Seminar: Ethan Bier (UCSD) "The implications of active genetics"

MB Seminar: Anthony de Tomaso (UCSB) "Dissecting mechanotransduction in real time: how do cells sense and respond to changes in their physical environment"

MB Seminar: Patrick Allard (UCLA) " The toxic sins of our ancestors: mechanisms of heritable environmental effects"

MB Seminar: Deoborah Yelon (UCSD) " Molecular mechanisms regulating cardiac architecture in zebrafish"