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Reversing Climate Change

Assistant Teaching Professor seminar - Lauren Shipp

Assistant Teaching Professor seminar - Chantale Bégin

Assistant Teaching Professor seminar - Andrew Nosal

Assistant Teaching Professor seminar - Dovi Kacev

MB Seminar: From microbes to megafauna: using genomics in shark research and conservation (Dr. Elizabeth Dinsdale, SDSU)

MB Seminar: Phylogenies, fluorescence, citizen science, and Latin: early career adventures in malacology (Dr. Jann Vendetti, NHMLA)

MB Seminar: Exploring the microbial mixotrophic mediators of marine planktonic communities (Dr. Karla Heidelberg, USC)

MB Seminar: Regenerative capacity of somatic and germline tissue in the annelid Capitella teleta (Dr. Elaine Seaver, UF)

MB Seminar: Ecology and physiology of methane-fueled archaeal-bacterial syntrophy in the deep sea (Dr. Victoria Orphan, Caltech)

MB Seminar: Marine Heatwaves, ENSO, and a Warming Arctic: The "New Normal" of Seabird Mass Mortality Events (Dr. Julia K. Parrish, UW)

MB Seminar: Extreme Alliances: Relationships between deep-sea animals and bacteria (Dr. Shana Goffredi, OXY)

MB Seminar: Fins, limbs, and the evolutionary leap from water to land (Dr. Sandy Kawano, CSULB)

MB 2nd-Year Student Research Symposium

MB Seminar: From fish to stars: cell-cell adhesion and cell differentiation in embryonic development and evolution (Dr. Vanessa Barone, SIO)

MB Seminar: Parasites in marine food webs (Dr. Kevin Lafferty, UC Santa Barbara- USGS)

MB Seminar: Anthropogenic impacts on marine subsidies to coastal ecosystems (Dr. Jeremy Long, SDSU)

MB Seminar: Light-harvesting in the surface ocean: the ecological role of proteorhodopsin- based photoheterotrophy (Dr. Laura Gómez-Consarnau, CICESE - USC)

MB Seminar: How Mollusks Make Molecules: Chemical Ecology of Some Gastropods (Dr. Eric Schmidt, University of Utah)

MB Seminar: Environmental DNA Tools and Applications for Oceans and the Great Lakes (Dr. Luke Thompson, NOAA OAR)

MB Seminar: Fishers' behavioral responses to catch shares in the US West Coast Groundfish fishery (Dr. Peter Kuriyama, NOAA SWFSC)

MB Seminar: "You are what you eat: Nutritional Physiology in Fishes Influences Ecology" (Dr. Samantha Leigh; California State University, Fullerton)

MB Seminar: Marine Host-Microbiome Interactions: Challenges and Opportunities (Dr. Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis)

MB Seminar: "Integrating multiple classes of data to reconstruct past events - from the first communities of multicellular organisms in the Ediacaran to Holocene Extinction on the California Coast" (Dr. David Jacobs; UCLA)

MB Seminar: The CalCOFI Program: Monitoring and Managing the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem since 1949 (Dr. Andrew Thompson, NOAA SWFSC)

MB Seminar: "Using Movement Patterns to Reduce Bycatch, Assess Population Dynamics, and Develop West Coast Fisheries for Swordfish" (Dr. Chugey Sepulveda; PIER)

MB Seminar: Dr. Jennifer Prairie (University of San Diego)

MB Seminar: Dr. Anne Dekas (Stanford University)

MB Seminar: Dr. Nina Bednarsek (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project)

MB Seminar: Dr. Scott Perl (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

MB Seminar: Dr. Gerard Wong (University of California, Los Angeles)

MB Seminar: Dr. Dede Lyons (SIO, UCSD)

MB Seminar: Dr. Katherine Duncan (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

MB Seminar: Dr. Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh (DOE Joint Genome Institute)