Unfunded Agreement Request

Transition to Kuali Research

Unfunded agreements will be transitioning to Kuali Research (KR) as of Monday, March 15, 2021. This request form will be discontinued at close of business, 4:30pm, on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. 

  • Go-Live: All requests must go through KR starting Monday, March 15, 2021. Instructions on how to submit a KR record to request an Unfunded Agreement will be provided once we are live in KR.
  • Training: SIO C&G will provide training opportunities on Kuali Research for Unfunded Agreements.  Details will be communicated in the weeks leading up to the transition. 
  • Access: If you do not have access to Kuali Research to create proposals and believe you will need to submit an Unfunded Agreement request once we go live, please contact Andrea Lupu in SIO C&G for guidance.

Submit a Request to SIO Contracts and Grants

Complete the request form below and attach all relevant documents. After clicking submit, you will receive a system-generated email receipt. You will also receive confirmation from our shared inbox, sio-cg-unfunded-g@ucsd.edu.

1. Scripps Information
2. Organization Information
Are you aware of a prior or existing agreement with this organization?
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3. Agreement Information
Type of Agreement
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4. Export Control
a. Does this agreement involve imports, exports, or work with or for sanctioned countries or persons or entities located in sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria or Sudan)?
b. Did the required Restricted Party Screening (RPS) conducted on the Organization and its project contacts, or on UCSD personnel participating in the agreement/project, result in positive hits indicating a restricted party?
c. Will this agreement involve any interactions, direct or indirect, with foreign military; or any end uses for biological or chemical weapons, missile, nuclear, rocket, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles)?
d. Does the agreement or statement of work indicate that the work will involve UCSD access to export-restricted information or equipment, or does the PI anticipate that such may be provided?
e. Will this agreement involve foreign travel, shipments or hand carrying of material outside the U.S., or the exchange or shared use of materials (including written materials) or equipment with a foreign collaborator?
f. Will this agreement involve work funded by the US Department of Defense, or MILITARY, SPACE or ENCRYPTION equipment, software, materials, or components accessed, used or developed?
g. Will this agreement involve an End Use or Research Aim restricted under Export Control regulations: Nuclear, Foreign Military, UAV, Rocket or Missile, Chemical or Biological Weapons?
h. If this is an Equipment Loan Agreement, is the agreement for equipment or items with export classifications of ITAR or 500 or 600 series ECCNs?
Please attach RPS results for all named Organization and UCSD personnel (whether negative or positive), in a single PDF. If you answered "yes" to any of the questions in this section, please also attached UCSD Export Control approval for this agreement.
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5. Intellectual Property
a. Does this activity involve the development of equipment or software, and/or have the potential to result in new inventions?
c. Has tech transfer been consulted about any relevant background IP/planned development of existing IP?
d. Are any other organizations or third parties significantly involved with the activity?
e. Is the PI involved in any other activities with companies that are related to this agreement?
6. Ship Time/Diving/Equipment
a. Does the agreement involve the use of a ship, small ship, or diving?
b. If the agreement involves the use of a ship, small ship, or diving, has the appropriate office been contacted yet for approval?
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c. Does the agreement involve any UCSD equipment operated by non-UCSD personnel?
7. Conflict of Interest
a. Has the PI or other key personnel received money, gifts or material benefit from the Organization?
b. Does the PI have a financial relationship with the Organization?
c. Does the PI hold a position (employee, board member, consultant, investor, family member) with the Organization?
8. Agreement Activity
a. Is the Organization receiving funding from another entity for its participation in or work under this agreement?
b. Did the Organization mention UCSD or UCSD personnel in a proposal or sponsored research agreement related to the work under this agreement?
Upload requirements
c. Is this agreement connected with an existing UCSD activity?
d. Is there an IRB or IACUC for this activity?
e. Is there graduate student involvement or activity specifically described in the terms of this agreement?
9. Comments and Supporting Documents
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For more information, email sio-cg-unfunded-g@ucsd.edu
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