A gray wahle breaching. Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger

Research Highlight: Scientists Find Key Changes in Gray Whale Migration Routes off Southern California

Increasing numbers of gray whales migrating closer to shore could put whales at risk for ship strikes, entanglements, and pollution

Surf Program at Scripps Oceanography

Around the Pier: SURF Program Fosters Network of Support for Students to Continue to Graduate School

Q&A with several 2019 SURF participants, including two alumni mentors who are currently pursuing PhDs at Scripps Oceanography

Master's student Jessica Sportelli on a Zodiac in the Churchill River in Canada.

Scripps Student Spotlight: Jessica Sportelli

Marine biology master’s student is studying whale acoustics to identify why killer whales are migrating to new places

Researchers in a lab next to a wave channel

Research Highlight: Scientists Bring the Ocean into the Lab to Study Human Impacts on the Ocean and Climate

Interdisciplinary SeaSCAPE project utilizes large wave tank to look at how human pollution is affecting the ability of ocean biology to control clouds and climate

Drake Singleton examines the surface rupture of the recent 7.1-magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest, Calif. Photo: Nick Lau

Scripps Student Spotlight: Drake Singleton

Geophysics graduate student conducts research to understand earthquakes and active faults in Southern California

Ross Sea Floats Show Why Antarctica's Largest Ice Shelf Melts Rapidly in Summer

Warming of adjacent ocean surface waters main cause of melt in austral summer

Research Highlight: Loss of Arctic's Reflective Sea Ice Will Advance Global Warming by 25 Years

Fast mitigation may still avoid complete loss of sea ice

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