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DDT Pollutants Found in Deep Sea Fish off Los Angeles Coast

As the region reckons with its toxic history of offshore dumping, the new findings raise troubling questions about whether the banned pesticide remains a threat to wildlife and human health

Green-tinged image of a barrel-shaped object sitting on end on ocean floor.

Second Seafloor Survey of Dumpsite off Coast of Southern California Completed

Researchers mapped 135 square miles, found high volume of discarded military munitions

UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography Awarded $5.6 Million for Southern California DDT Ocean Dumpsite Research

NOAA funding will aim to further characterize, monitor, and research dumpsite

Researchers use Remotely Operated Vehicle SuBastian to collect sediment push cores and collect video footage, data that will assess how this stretch of deep sea is responding to DDT.

Scientists Explore Mineral-Rich Seafloor, DDT Dump Sites; Discover Methane Seep, Whale Fall

Exploratory dives off California coast in waste dumping grounds and areas of potential mining will advance understanding of human impacts on deep-sea ecosystem

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