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Marine stratocumulus clouds off the California coast. Photo: Pascal Polonik

Artificial Climate Controls Might Become Ineffective – Because of Climate Change

Cloud brightening cooling strategy stops working in models when natural systems respond to relentless warming

Trinidad Head AGAGE station which contributes N2O measurements. Photo: Backyard-Photography/istockphoto

Study Finds Nitrous Oxide Emissions Grew 40% over 40 Years, Accelerating Climate Change

Study Finds Nitrous Oxide Emissions Grew 40% over 40 Years, Accelerating Climate Change

A Scientist’s Life: Clarissa Anderson

Biological oceanographer predicts ocean hazards and creates a more informed public

DDT Pollutants Found in Deep Sea Fish off Los Angeles Coast

As the region reckons with its toxic history of offshore dumping, the new findings raise troubling questions about whether the banned pesticide remains a threat to wildlife and human health

CENIC Awards AI Fire-Detection Tool an “Innovations in Networking” Award for Innovations in Public Safety

The award recognizes exemplary people, projects, and organizations that leverage high-bandwidth networking

A drying lake near Ensenada, Mexico, 2019. Photo: Photo Beto/istockphoto

Study: Projected Changes in Extreme Precipitation Over Northern Mexico

Study finds that this understudied region may experience significant climate changes, impacting agriculture, the economy and infrastructure

Fire bears down on Los Angeles. Photo: ekash/istockphoto

Extreme Heat, Wildfires Combine to Disproportionately Harm Less Affluent and Communities of Color

California ZIP code-scale survey exposes need for rethinking of public policy, say researchers

Green-tinged image of a barrel-shaped object sitting on end on ocean floor.

Second Seafloor Survey of Dumpsite off Coast of Southern California Completed

Researchers mapped 135 square miles, found high volume of discarded military munitions

Flooding in Sunamganj in the Sylhet Division of northeastern Bangladesh in June 2022.

Three Decades of Data In Bangladesh Show Elevated Risk of Infant Mortality In Flood-Prone Areas

The findings reveal the long term public health burden of environmental hazards that are predicted to worsen under climate change

New Report Confirms Benefits of FIRO Strategy in Enhancing Water Management at Prado Dam

Improved atmospheric river forecasts show to enable more groundwater storage

Press Conference in Imperial Beach

UC San Diego’s Scripps Oceanography Awarded Funding to Develop Pathogen Forecast Model

Model aims to predict presence of harmful pathogens in Tijuana River Valley and Imperial Beach

Seismologist Alice Gabriel

A Scientist's Life: Alice Gabriel

Seismologist uses supercomputing to break down complexity of earthquakes

Due to liquefaction of the ground during the Turkey earthquake sequence, this building broke from its foundation and fell on the building behind it.

The Unexpected Physics Behind Turkey’s Devastating 2023 Earthquakes

The findings could have important takeaways for assessing seismic hazards in California

Smog over Los Angeles neighborhoods

Fighting Climate Change Isn’t an Automatic Win for Environmental Justice

Some simulated pathways for reducing emissions in the U.S. maintained or exacerbated existing racial inequities

Seismologist Wenyuan Fan

A Scientist’s Life: Wenyuan Fan

Seismologist seeks to understand why some earthquakes are more predictable than the others

Researchers at center of photo conduct fieldwork at Salton Basin. Photo: Ryley Hill

California’s Salton Sea May Be Staving Off Earthquakes As It Disappears

Major earthquakes on southern San Andreas Fault apparently triggered by Salton Sea basin filling with water

Surface rupture from the M7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake in 2019

“Segment-Jumping” Ridgecrest Earthquakes Explored in New Study

Seismologists use supercomputer to reveal complex dynamics of multi-fault earthquake systems

ALERTCalifornia Launches to Provide Essential Tools to Understand and Adapt to Natural Disasters

UC San Diego’s ALERTCalifornia public safety program leverages novel technology and cutting-edge research to understand the causes, behavior and aftereffects of wildfires and other natural disasters in the Golden State

Polluted waters off Imperial Beach. Photo: WILDCOAST

Coastal Water Pollution Transfers to the Air in Sea Spray Aerosol and Reaches People on Land

Scientists find bacteria, chemical compounds from coastal water pollution in sea spray aerosol along Imperial Beach

A WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron sits on the flightline prior to an atmospheric river mission Jan. 28, 2020 at Travis Air Force Base, Calif. The Hurricane Hunters performed “AR recon” from January through March 2020.

Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Flight Season Gets an Early Start this Winter

Air Force and NOAA aircraft collecting data over the Pacific from November to March

Trematodes Centrocestus formosanus (left) and Haplorchis pumilio

Parasites Associated with Eating Fish Showing Up in Southern California Fishing Locales

Snail that hosts potentially dangerous flatworms found to be widespread

 Isabel Rivera-Collazo in the field in Puerto Rico

Scripps Launches Two Projects on the Impact of Climate Change on Coastlines and People

National Science Foundation grants support research hubs in Southern California and Puerto Rico

UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography Awarded $5.6 Million for Southern California DDT Ocean Dumpsite Research

NOAA funding will aim to further characterize, monitor, and research dumpsite

Flooding overtops Fremont Weir, 2019. Photo: Florence Low/California Department of Water Resources

Climate Change Projected to Increase Atmospheric River Flood Damages in the United States

Damage costs in western states could triple by end of century

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