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StartBlue Cohort 3 with program leaders and mentors at Demo Day 2024

Blue Technology Startups Turn Concept into Reality at UC San Diego

StartBlue accelerator program supports businesses advancing San Diego’s Blue Economy

Profile photo of David G. Moore

David G. Moore: 1925-2024

Marine geologist and expert on seafloor sediments used pioneering methods to study the continental shelf

CTD instrument on a ship

Study Illuminates Previously Unknown Ocean Mercury Pathway

Team describes source of the heavy metal that poses a danger to human health

Scripps Student Spotlight: Arnel Orig

Former United States Navy diver and current MAS MBC student turns dreams into reality at Scripps

Image: Philip Hoeppli/iStockPhoto

Scripps Oceanography, UC Santa Barbara Lead $9.5 Million Research Project on Ocean Cycles

Project among five joining Ocean Biogeochemistry Virtual Institute (OBVI)

cloud system in Jupiter's northern hemisphere photographed by Juno spacecraft, 2017

Using Oceanography To Understand Fronts and Cyclones on Jupiter

Analysis of NASA satellite images of cyclones on Jupiter reveals that the storms are fueled by processes similar to those acting on Earth

Profile of a smiling man surrounded by plants

Scripps Student Spotlight: Austin Barnes

PhD student investigates coastal impacts of sea-level rise to help address climate-related issues in Hawai‘i

DDT Pollutants Found in Deep Sea Fish off Los Angeles Coast

As the region reckons with its toxic history of offshore dumping, the new findings raise troubling questions about whether the banned pesticide remains a threat to wildlife and human health

USCGC Healy supporting Ice Station Operations

Discovering the Mysteries of the Arctic

STARC program probes key influence on global climate

Whale with cargo ship in background. Photo: sbedaux

What Did the Ocean Sound Like Before Humans?

Unprecedented study uses modeling to estimate how much quieter the waters were before commercial shipping

A surfer rides a wave during the 2020 red tide event

Impacts of 2020 Red Tide Event Highlighted in New Study

Collaborative paper documents extreme water conditions that led to fish die-offs

Scripps Student Spotlight: Jack Elstner

Biological oceanography PhD student is passionate about science that supports marine conservation in a changing ocean

Citizen Scientists taking observations underwater

The Power of Citizen Science

Public participation and collaboration support the advancement of scientific research at Scripps

Profile photo of a woman near the beach

Scripps Student Spotlight: Flora Coden

MAS MBC student pursues her passion for marine science conservation research at Scripps

LeRoy Dorman 1938-2024

LeRoy Dorman, 1938-2024

Pioneered study of seismic structure of ocean floor

Students explore the tidepools

A Deep Dive into Undergraduate Classes at Scripps

Scripps offers unique undergraduate courses in earth, atmospheric, and marine sciences to educate the next generation of scientific and environmental leaders

New Fish Species Discovered at Remote Islands Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Species is a wrasse found living among volcanic rubble in Mexico’s Revillagigedo Archipelago

Scripps Student Spotlight: Dylan Shafer

Undergraduate student examines sea surface temperature data and its relationship to sea ice formation

A researcher leads a group of citizen scientists in Antarctica.

Scripps Scientists Journey to Antarctica to Study Key Climate Questions and More

Scripps Oceanography researchers are investigating Earth’s climate history, ice loss, phytoplankton, and marine food webs this field season

Scripps Student Spotlight: Charlotte Bellerjeau

Physical oceanography PhD student uses engineering and science to better understand how the ocean moves and mixes

Members of the Scripps Oceanography contingent at COP28. Mitchell Chandler (third from left, back row) discussed the Argo network in the Ocean Pavilion during the event.

Everything Everywhere All At Once At COP28

A Scripps delegate reflects on the recent global climate change negotiations held in Dubai

Scripps Student Spotlight: Kara Wiggin

PhD student researches how microplastic pollution in the ocean interacts with human health

Artist's rendition of the SWOT satellite

Science to Watch: SWOT

Oceanographers are raving about a new tool that redefines how we understand ‘sea level.’ Here’s why.

CTD underwater

Scientists Publish 37-Year Record of Ocean Acidification off Southern California

The longest ocean time series of dissolved carbon dioxide in the Pacific — part of the “Keeling Curve of the ocean” — is revealed

Resaerchs on a small coastal vessel.

Oceanographers Explore Turbulence in the Depths of La Jolla Canyon

Researchers with Scripps Oceanography’s MOD group are using pink dye and a suite of ocean tech to study underwater dynamics off La Jolla

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