Conservation Ecology

Most Recent Publications

Vulnerability Of Spawning Aggregations Of A Coastal Marine Fish To A Small-scale Fishery (2017) [10.1007/s00227-017-3135-8]
Erisman, B. E.; Cota-Nieto, J. J.; Moreno-Baez, M.; Aburto-Oropeza, O.
Fish Spawning Aggregations: Where Well-placed Management Actions Can Yield Big Benefits For Fisheries And Conservation (2017) [10.1111/faf.12132]
Erisman, B.; Heyman, W.; Kobara, S.; Ezer, T.; Pittman, S.; Aburto-Oropeza, O.; Nemeth, R. S.
A Trans-national Monarch Butterfly Population Model And Implications For Regional Conservation Priorities (2017) [10.1111/een.12351]
Oberhauser, K.; Wiederholt, R.; Diffendorfer, J. E.; Semmens, D.; Ries, L.; Thogmartin, W. E.; Lopez-Hoffman, L.; Semmens, B.
Defining "serious Harm" To The Marine Environment In The Context Of Deep-seabed Mining (2016) [10.1016/j.marpol.2016.09.032]
Levin, L. A.; Mengerink, K.; Gjerde, K. M.; Rowden, A. A.; Van Dover, C. L.; Clark, M. R.; Ramirez-Llodra, E.; Currie, B.; Smith, C. R.; Sato, K. N.; Gallo, N.; Sweetman, A. K.; Lily, H.; Armstrong, C. W.; Brider, J.
Spatial Ecology And Conservation Of Manta Birostris In The Indo-Pacific (2016) [10.1016/j.biocon.2016.05.016]
Stewart, J. D.; Beale, C. S.; Fernando, D.; Sianipar, A. B.; Burton, R. S.; Semmens, B. X.; Aburto-Oropeza, O.
Human-mediated Extirpation Of The Unique Chatham Islands Sea Lion And Implications For The Conservation Management Of Remaining New Zealand Sea Lion Populations (2016) [10.1111/mec.13726]
Rawlence, N. J.; Collins, C. J.; Anderson, C. N. K.; Maxwell, J. J.; Smith, I. W. G.; Robertson, B. C.; Knapp, M.; Horsburgh, K. A.; Stanton, J. A. L.; Scofield, R. P.; Tennyson, A. J. D.; Matisoo-Smith, E. A.; Waters, J. M.
Responses Of Herbivorous Fishes And Benthos To 6 Years Of Protection At The Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area, Maui (2016) [10.1371/journal.pone.0159100]
Williams, I. D.; White, D. J.; Sparks, R. T.; Lino, K. C.; Zamzow, J. P.; Kelly, E. L. A.; Ramey, H. L.
Bright Spots Among The World’s Coral Reefs (2016) [10.1038/nature18607]
Cinner, Joshua E.; Huchery, Cindy; MacNeil, M. Aaron; Graham, Nicholas A. J.; McClanahan, Tim R.; Maina, Joseph; Maire, Eva; Kittinger, John N.; Hicks, Christina C.; Mora, Camilo; Allison, Edward H.; D’Agata, Stephanie; Hoey, Andrew; Feary, David A.; Crowder, Larry; Williams, Ivor D.; Kulbicki, Michel; Vigliola, Laurent; Wantiez, Laurent; Edgar, Graham; Stuart-Smith, Rick D.; Sandin, Stuart A.; Green, Alison L.; Hardt, Marah J.; Beger, Maria; Friedlander, Alan; Campbell, Stuart J.; Holmes, Katherine E.; Wilson, Shaun K.; Brokovich, Eran; Brooks, Andrew J.; Cruz-Motta, Juan J.; Booth, David J.; Chabanet, Pascale; Gough, Charlie; Tupper, Mark; Ferse, Sebastian C. A.; Sumaila, U. Rashid; Mouillot, David
A Systematic Survey Of The Integration Of Animal Behavior Into Conservation (2016) [10.1111/cobi.12654]
Berger-Tal, O.; Blumstein, D. T.; Carroll, S.; Fisher, R. N.; Mesnick, S. L.; Owen, M. A.; Saltz, D.; St Claire, C. C.; Swaisgood, R. R.