Cryosphere and Polar Science

Most Recent Publications

Overwinter Habitat Selection By Antarctic Krill Under Varying Sea-ice Conditions: Implications For Top Predators And Fishery Management (2017) [10.3354/meps12099]
Reiss, C. S.; Cossio, A.; Santora, J. A.; Dietrich, K. S.; Murray, A.; Mitchell, B. G.; Walsh, J.; Weiss, E. L.; Gimpel, C.; Jones, C. D.; Watters, G. M.
January 2016 Extensive Summer Melt In West Antarctica Favoured By Strong El Niņo (2017) [10.1038/ncomms15799]
Nicolas, Julien P.; Vogelmann, Andrew M.; Scott, Ryan C.; Wilson, Aaron B.; Cadeddu, Maria P.; Bromwich, David H.; Verlinde, Johannes; Lubin, Dan; Russell, Lynn M.; Jenkinson, Colin; Powers, Heath H.; Ryczek, Maciej; Stone, Gregory; Wille, Jonathan D.
Ice Flow Dynamics Forced By Water Pressure Variations In Subglacial Granular Beds (2016) [10.1002/2016gl071579]
Damsgaard, A.; Egholm, D. L.; Beem, L. H.; Tulaczyk, S.; Larsen, N. K.; Piotrowski, J. A.; Siegfried, M. R.
Measurements Of 14C In Ancient Ice From Taylor Glacier, Antarctica Constrain In Situ Cosmogenic 14CH4 And 14CO Production Rates (2016) [10.1016/j.gca.2016.01.004]
Petrenko, Vasilii V.; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P.; Schaefer, Hinrich; Smith, Andrew M.; Kuhl, Tanner; Baggenstos, Daniel; Hua, Quan; Brook, Edward J.; Rose, Paul; Kulin, Robb; Bauska, Thomas; Harth, Christina; Buizert, Christo; Orsi, Anais; Emanuele, Guy; Lee, James E.; Brailsford, Gordon; Keeling, Ralph; Weiss, Ray F.
Episodic Ice Velocity Fluctuations Triggered By A Subglacial Flood In West Antarctica (2016) [10.1002/2016gl067758]
Siegfried, M. R.; Fricker, H. A.; Carter, S. P.; Tulaczyk, S.
Ice Shelf Structure Derived From Dispersion Curve Analysis Of Ambient Seismic Noise, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica (2016) [10.1093/gji/ggw036]
Diez, A.; Bromirski, P. D.; Gerstoft, P.; Stephen, R. A.; Anthony, R. E.; Aster, R. C.; Cai, C.; Nyblade, A.; Wiens, D. A.
Impacts Of Warm Water On Antarctic Ice Shelf Stability Through Basal Channel Formation (2016) [10.1038/ngeo2675]
Alley, Karen E.; Scambos, Ted A.; Siegfried, Matthew R.; Fricker, Helen Amanda
High Basal Melting Forming A Channel At The Grounding Line Of Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica (2016) [10.1002/2015gl066612]
Marsh, O. J.; Fricker, H. A.; Siegfried, M. R.; Christianson, K.; Nicholls, K. W.; Corr, H. F. J.; Catania, G.
On The Role Of Buoyant Flexure In Glacier Calving (2016) [10.1002/2015gl067247]
Wagner, T. J. W.; James, T. D.; Murray, T.; Vella, D.
Subglacial Lake Whillans Microbial Biogeochemistry: A Synthesis Of Current Knowledge (2016) [10.1098/rsta.2014.0290]
Mikucki, J. A.; Lee, P. A.; Ghosh, D.; Purcell, A. M.; Mitchell, A. C.; Mankoff, K. D.; Fisher, A. T.; Tulaczyk, S.; Carter, S.; Siegfried, M. R.; Fricker, H. A.; Hodson, T.; Coenen, J.; Powell, R.; Scherer, R.; Vick-Majors, T.; Achberger, A. A.; Christner, B. C.; Tranter, M.; Wissard Sci Team