Oceans and Atmosphere

Atmospheric Aerosols and Chemistry

The study of microscopic or nanoscopic solid or liquid particles in the atmosphere and their effects on the weather, climate, and other systems.





Associate Professor

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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE)
AGAGE has been measuring the composition of the global atmosphere continuously since 1978.
Atmospheric Aerosols Group
Develops models and analyzes observations to understand the microphysical and chemical evolution of aerosol particles in the atmosphere.
Atmospheric Oxygen Research Group
Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE)
CAICE is a Center for Chemical Innovation focused on the fundamental chemistry behind the impact of aerosol particles on our climate.
Evan Research Group
Lubin Lab
Studies fundamental physical processes that govern terrestrial climate change, with emphasis on observations and particular attention to the Earth’s polar regions.
AWARE – ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment
Aims to gain insight into the factors behind recent climate change in West Antarctica by quantifying the role of changing air masses on the surface energy balance.
Ramanathan Lab

Recent Publications

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Polonik, P.; Chan, W. S.; Billesbach, D. P.; Burba, G.; Li, J.; Nottrott, A.; Bogoev, I.; Conrad, B.; Biraud, S. C.