Biogeochemistry studies the chemical interactions between living things and the natural environment, ranging from how organisms incorporate and respond to elements in their environment to the alterations biological systems make to the the chemical environment of the Earth.


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE)
AGAGE has been measuring the composition of the global atmosphere continuously since 1978.
Aluwihare Lab: Chemistry & Biology of Ocean Organic Matter
Organic molecules in natural waters can help us to understand the global cycling of biologically important elements like carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.
Barbeau Laboratory: Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry
Focuses on the biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in marine systems.
Levin Lab
Ocean Optics Research Laboratory
Focused on the development of an understanding of interaction of light with seawater constituents, variability in ocean optical properties, and propagation of light within the ocean and across the air-water boundary.
A.E. Allen Lab
Research at the intersection of biological and microbial oceanography and functional genomics.
Bartlett Lab
We examine the diversity and activity of microbial life in the deep sea , including within the deepest ocean trenches.

Recent Publications

Jiang, M.; Measures, C. I.; Barbeau, K. A.; Charette, M. A.; Gille, S. T.; Hatta, M.; Kahru, M.; Mitchell, B. G.; Garabato, A. C. N.; Reiss, C.; Selph, K.; Zhou, M.
Kranzler, Chana F.; Krause, Jeffrey W.; Brzezinski, Mark A.; Edwards, Bethanie R.; Biggs, William P.; Maniscalco, Michael; McCrow, John P.; Van Mooy, Benjamin A. S.; Bidle, Kay D.; Allen, Andrew E.; Thamatrakoln, Kimberlee
Eddebbar, Y. A.; Rodgers, K. B.; Long, M. C.; Subramanian, A. C.; Xie, S. P.; Keeling, R. F.