Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Studying the impacts of past and current climate change on individual organisms, species, and ecosystems. Includes observational, experimental, and theoretical research of the effects of changing climate patterns, pollution, ocean acidification, and and related processes.

Potential graduate students interested in this topic may want to apply for the Climate, Ocean, and Atmosphere MS and PhD programs or the MAS Climate Science & Policy Program.




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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (CCCIA)
Our mission is to advance interdisciplinary science and applications that empower people and communities to better understand climate change impacts and implement adaptation strategies.
Bowman Lab
We use sequence-based approaches, flow cytometry, modeling, and other techniques to explore the structure and function of microbial communities.

Recent Publications

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Maboloc, E. A.; Batzel, G.; Grunbaum, D.; Chan, K. Y. K.