Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Studying the impacts of past and current climate change on individual organisms, species, and ecosystems. Includes observational, experimental, and theoretical research of the effects of changing climate patterns, pollution, ocean acidification, and and related processes.



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Recent Publications

Breitburg, Denise; Levin, Lisa A.; Oschlies, Andreas; Grégoire, Marilaure; Chavez, Francisco P.; Conley, Daniel J.; Garçon, Véronique; Gilbert, Denis; Gutiérrez, Dimitri; Isensee, Kirsten; Jacinto, Gil S.; Limburg, Karin E.; Montes, Ivonne; Naqvi, S. W. A.; Pitcher, Grant C.; Rabalais, Nancy N.; Roman, Michael R.; Rose, Kenneth A.; Seibel, Brad A.; Telszewski, Maciej; Yasuhara, Moriaki; Zhang, Jing
Demko, A. M.; Amsler, C. D.; Hay, M. E.; Long, J. D.; McClintock, J. B.; Paul, V. J.; Sotka, E. E.
McClenachan, L.; O'Connor, G.; Neal, B. P.; Pandolfi, J. M.; Jackson, J. B. C.