Oceans and Atmosphere

Cloud Physics and Boundary Layer Processes

The study of the processes that lead to the formation, growth, and precipitation of clouds in the boundary layer of the lower atmosphere.


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Ram Ramanathan
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Lynn Russell
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Centers, Labs, and Programs

Develops models and analyzes observations to understand the microphysical and chemical evolution of aerosol particles in the atmosphere.

CAICE is a Center for Chemical Innovation focused on the fundamental chemistry behind the impact of aerosol particles on our climate.

Providing cutting edge climate science to stakeholders in water resources, natural resources and coastal resources.

Provide water cycle science, technology and outreach to support effective policies and practices that address the impacts of extreme weather and water events on the environment, people and the economy of western North America.

Studies fundamental physical processes that govern terrestrial climate change, with emphasis on observations and particular attention to the Earth’s polar regions.

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