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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Burton Lab
We take advantage of molecular genetic approaches to examine diverse questions in ecology and evolution.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI)
Studies the marine environment off the coast of California, the management of its living resources, and monitors the indicators of El Nino and climate change.
California Current Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research (CCE-LTER)
Investigating nonlinear transitions in the California Current coastal pelagic ecosystem.
Dayton Lab
Gulf of California Marine Program
Dedicated to generating and disseminating scientific information that has a direct, positive impact on conservation and management issues and policies in the region.
Levin Lab
Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System
Our primary goal is to provide the scientific data and information needed to inform decision-making and better understand the changing conditions of the coastal ocean in Southern California.
Scripps Coastal & Open Ocean BiogeochemistrY Research (SCOOBY)
Studies global environmental change owing to both natural and anthropogenic processes, and the subsequent effects on the function, role, and cycling of carbon in marine environments.
California Sea Grant
Providing services on coastal and marine science and policy issues.
Giddings Lab
Specializing in estuarine and coastal processes with an interest in interdisciplinary projects that address how physics impacts important biological and chemical processes in the coastal environment.
Aburto Lab
We analyze the interactions among marine ecology and biodiversity, fisheries, socioeconomics, climate change, and more.