Coastal Processes

The study of natural and anthropological processes contributing processes contributing to the formation and erosion of coastlines. (Photo: Scripps Oceanography students use LIDAR to map a bluff collapse.)





Assistant Professor
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Centers, Labs, and Projects

California Sea Grant
Providing services on coastal and marine science and policy issues.
Giddings Lab
Specializing in estuarine and coastal processes with an interest in interdisciplinary projects that address how physics impacts important biological and chemical processes in the coastal environment.

Recent Publications

Koehnken, L.; Rintoul, M. S.; Goichot, M.; Tickner, D.; Loftus, A. C.; Acreman, M. C.
Ludka, B. C.; Guza, R. T.; O'Reilly, W. C.; Merrifield, M. A.; Flick, R. E.; Bak, A. S.; Hesser, T.; Bucciarelli, R.; Olfe, C.; Woodward, B.; Boyd, W.; Smith, K.; Okihiro, M.; Grenzeback, R.; Parry, L.; Boyd, G.