Cryosphere and Polar Science

Cryosphere and polar science study the frozen water part of the Earth system, ranging from the glaciers of Greenland to the ice sheets of the Antarctic. Antarctica photo by Jack Pan.



Assistant Professor

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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Scripps Glaciology Group
Studies ice-sheet processes.
AWARE – ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment
Aims to gain insight into the factors behind recent climate change in West Antarctica by quantifying the role of changing air masses on the surface energy balance.

Recent Publications

Tinto, K. J.; Padman, L.; Siddoway, C. S.; Springer, S. R.; Fricker, H. A.; Das, I.; Tontini, F. C.; Porter, D. F.; Frearson, N. P.; Howard, S. L.; Siegfried, M. R.; Mosbeux, C.; Becker, M. K.; Bertinato, C.; Boghosian, A.; Brady, N.; Burton, B. L.; Chu, W.; Cordero, S. I.; Dhakal, T.; Dong, L.; Gustafson, C. D.; Keeshin, S.; Locke, C.; Lockett, A.; O'Brien, G.; Spergel, J. J.; Starke, S. E.; Tankersley, M.; Wearing, M. G.; Bell, R. E.
White-Gaynor, A. L.; Nyblade, A. A.; Aster, R. C.; Wiens, D. A.; Bromirski, P. D.; Gerstoft, P.; Stephen, R. A.; Hansen, S. E.; Wilson, T.; Dalziel, I. W.; Huerta, A. D.; Winberry, J. P.; Anandakrishnan, S.