Oceans and Atmosphere

Global Hydrography and Circulation

The wide-scale study of the characteristics of bodies of water and the creation, transport, and mixing of water. (Photo: CalCOFI)



Assistant Professor

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Centers, Labs, and Projects

A long-term systematic observing system of the physical state of the global ocean.
CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Office
Primary mission is to deliver the highest possible quality global CTD and hydrographic data to users.

Recent Publications

Lundesgaard, O.; Winsor, P.; Truffer, M.; Merrifield, M.; Powell, B.; Statscewich, H.; Eidam, E.; Smith, C. R.
Hu, S. J.; Sprintall, J.; Guan, C.; McPhaden, M. J.; Wang, F.; Hu, D. X.; Cai, W. J.
Long, S. M.; Xie, S. P.; Du, Y.; Liu, Q. Y.; Zheng, X. T.; Huang, G.; Hu, K. M.; Ying, J.