High Temperature Geochemistry

Understanding the chemical processes affecting minerals, water, and air at high temperatures and pressures, typically deep below earth's surface.





Assistant Professor

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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Scripps Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (SIGL)
Specializing in high-precision isotopic analyses, elemental abundances, and petrology. Our main areas of research are in the fields of cosmochemistry and mantle and crustal geochemistry.

Recent Publications

Kadoya, S.; Catling, D. C.; Nicklas, R. W.; Puchtel, I. S.; Anbar, A. D.
Fryer, P.; Wheat, C. G.; Williams, T.; Kelley, C.; Johnson, K.; Ryan, J.; Kurz, W.; Shervais, J.; Albers, E.; Bekins, B.; Debret, B.; Deng, J. H.; Dong, Y. H.; Eickenbusch, P.; Frery, E.; Ichiyama, Y.; Johnston, R.; Kevorkian, R.; Magalhaes, V.; Mantovanelli, S.; Menapace, W.; Menzies, C.; Michibayashi, K.; Moyer, C.; Mullane, K.; Park, J. W.; Price, R.; Sissmann, O.; Suzuki, S.; Takai, K.; Walter, B.; Zhang, R.; Amon, D.; Glickson, D.; Pomponi, S.
Johnson, A. C.; Aarons, S. M.; Dauphas, N.; Nie, N. X.; Zeng, H.; Helz, R. T.; Romaniello, S. J.; Anbar, A. D.