Oceans and Atmosphere

Ice in the Climate System

The study of past, current, and projected interactions between ice in the Arctic and Antarctic and the changing climate.


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Atmospheric Aerosols Group
Develops models and analyzes observations to understand the microphysical and chemical evolution of aerosol particles in the atmosphere.
Scripps Glaciology Group
Studies ice-sheet processes.
Lubin Lab
Studies fundamental physical processes that govern terrestrial climate change, with emphasis on observations and particular attention to the Earth’s polar regions.

Recent Publications

Pistone, Kristina; Eisenman, Ian; Ramanathan, Veerabhadran
Campbell, E. C.; Wilson, E. A.; Moore, G. W. K.; Riser, S. C.; Brayton, C. E.; Mazloff, M. R.; Talley, L. D.
Cerovecki, I.; Meijers, A. J. S.; Mazloff, M. R.; Gille, S. T.; Tamsitt, V. M.; Holland, P. R.