Marine Chemistry

The study of the chemical species of the world oceans and their relationships to physical, biological, and geological processes.


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Aluwihare Lab: Chemistry & Biology of Ocean Organic Matter
Organic molecules in natural waters can help us to understand the global cycling of biologically important elements like carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.
Barbeau Laboratory: Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry
Focuses on the biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in marine systems.

Recent Publications

Ganachaud, A.; Cravatte, S.; Sprintall, J.; Germineaud, C.; Alberty, M.; Jeandel, C.; Eldin, G.; Metzl, N.; Bonnet, S.; Benavides, M.; Heimburger, L. E.; Lefevre, J.; Michael, S.; Resing, J.; Queroue, F.; Sarthou, G.; Rodier, M.; Berthelot, H.; Baurand, F.; Grelet, J.; Hasegawa, T.; Kessler, W.; Kilepak, M.; Lacan, F.; Privat, E.; Send, U.; Van Beek, P.; Souhaut, M.; Sonke, J. E.
Boiteau, Rene M.; Till, Claire P.; Ruacho, Angel; Bundy, Randelle M.; Hawco, Nicholas J.; McKenna, Amy M.; Barbeau, Katherine A.; Bruland, Kenneth W.; Saito, Mak A.; Repeta, Daniel J.
Haskell, W. Z.; Prokopenko, M. G.; Hammond, D. E.; Stanley, R. H. R.; Berelson, W. M.; Baronas, J. J.; Fleming, J. C.; Aluwihare, L.