Marine Mammal Biology

Studying the physiology and ecology of whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals through methods ranging from molecular ecology to tracking the movements of individuals and populations using acoustics, satellites, and other remote sensing methods.



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Scripps Acoustic Ecology Laboratory
Investigates biological and ecological questions that range from a basic understanding of short and long-term behavioral patterns and geographic distribution of animals, to questions like habitat preference and quality, predator-prey interactions, or adaptations to anthropogenic impacts and a changing environment.

Recent Publications

Goldbogen, J. A.; Cade, D. E.; Calambokidis, J.; Czapanskiy, M. F.; Fahlbusch, J.; Friedlaender, A. S.; Gough, W. T.; Kahane-Rapport, S. R.; Savoca, M. S.; Ponganis, K. V.; Ponganis, P. J.
Szesciorka, A. R.; Allen, A. N.; Calambokidis, J.; Fahlbusch, J.; McKenna, M. F.; Southall, B.