Paleoceanography and Paleoecology

The study of the oceans and ecology of marine organisms in the geologic past, largely through the marine sedimentary record.



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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Geological Collections
A physical library of geological samples from the seafloor and subseafloor of the world’s oceans.

Recent Publications

Tangunan, D. N.; Baumann, K. H.; Just, J.; LeVay, L. J.; Barker, S.; Brentegani, L.; De Vleeschouwer, D.; Hall, I. R.; Hemming, S.; Norris, R.; Expedition 361 Shipboard Sci, Party
Keigwin, L. D.; Klotsko, S.; Zhao, N.; Reilly, B.; Giosan, L.; Driscoll, N. W.
Stevenson, S.; Powell, B.; Cobb, K.; Nusbaumer, J.; Merrifield, M.; Noone, D.