Paleoceanography and Paleoecology

The study of the oceans and ecology of marine organisms in the geologic past, largely through the marine sedimentary record.



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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Geological Collections
A physical library of geological samples from the seafloor and subseafloor of the world’s oceans.
Paleoethnobotany Laboratory
Analyzes archaeobotanical remains from a wide variety of world regions with a particular focus on Asia. 

Recent Publications

Hull, P. M.; Bomemann, A.; Penman, D. E.; Henehan, M. J.; Norris, R. D.; Wilson, P. A.; Blum, P.; Alegret, L.; Batenburg, S. J.; Bown, P. R.; Bralower, T. J.; Cournede, C.; Deutsch, A.; Donner, B.; Friedrich, O.; Jehle, S.; Kim, H.; Kroon, D.; Lippert, P. C.; Loroch, D.; Moebius, I.; Moriya, K.; Peppe, D. J.; Ravizza, G. E.; Rohl, U.; Schueth, J. D.; Sepulveda, J.; Sexton, P. F.; Sibert, E. C.; Sliwinska, K. K.; Summons, R. E.; Thomas, E.; Westerhold, T.; Whiteside, J. H.; Yamaguchi, T.; Zachos, J. C.
Wang, J. A.; Sulla-Menashe, D.; Woodcock, C. E.; Sonnentag, O.; Keeling, R. F.; Friedl, M. A.
Baggenstos, D.; Haberli, M.; Schmitt, J.; Shackleton, S. A.; Birner, B.; Severinghaus, J. P.; Kellerhals, T.; Fischer, H.