Oceans and Atmosphere

Past Climate Change

Researching how earth's climate changed in past eras by studying ocean sediment cores, ice cores, and other scientific evidence.



Assistant Professor

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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Atmospheric Oxygen Research Group
Paleoethnobotany Laboratory
Analyzes archaeobotanical remains from a wide variety of world regions with a particular focus on Asia. 

Recent Publications

Shackleton, S.; Baggenstos, D.; Menking, J. A.; Dyonisius, M. N.; Bereiter, B.; Bauska, T. K.; Rhodes, R. H.; Brook, E. J.; Petrenko, V. V.; McConnell, J. R.; Kellerhals, T.; Haberli, M.; Schmitt, J.; Fischer, H.; Severinghaus, J. P.
Wang, J. K.; Johnson, K. R.; Borsato, A.; Amaya, D. J.; Griffiths, M. L.; Henderson, G. M.; Frisia, S.; Mason, A.