Phylogenetics, Systematics and Biogeography

Phylogenetics, systematics, and biogeography deal with the identifying, classifying, and understanding the relationships among organisms, including their geographical extent. Methods range from physical examination of specimens to a variety of genetic analyses.


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Recent Publications

Tangunan, D. N.; Baumann, K. H.; Just, J.; LeVay, L. J.; Barker, S.; Brentegani, L.; De Vleeschouwer, D.; Hall, I. R.; Hemming, S.; Norris, R.; Expedition 361 Shipboard Sci, Party
Zhang, Y.; Sun, J.; Rouse, G. W.; Wiklund, H.; Pleijel, F.; Watanabe, H. K.; Chen, C.; Qian, P. Y.; Qiu, J. W.