Phylogenetics, Systematics and Biogeography


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Scripps Acoustic Ecology Laboratory
Investigates biological and ecological questions that range from a basic understanding of short and long-term behavioral patterns and geographic distribution of animals, to questions like habitat preference and quality, predator-prey interactions, or adaptations to anthropogenic impacts and a changing environment.
Scripps Genome Center
Working to integrate the rapidly expanding world of marine genomics into mainstream marine biology research.

Recent Publications

Linchangco, G. V.; Foltz, D. W.; Reid, R.; Williams, J.; Nodzak, C.; Kerr, A. M.; Miller, A. K.; Hunter, R.; Wilson, N. G.; Nilsen, W. J.; Mah, C. L.; Rouse, G. W.; Wray, G. A.; Janies, D. A.
Moore, J. M.; Nishi, E.; Rouse, G. W.
Lan, Y.; Sun, J.; Bartlett, D. H.; Rouse, G. W.; Tabata, H. G.; Qian, P. Y.