Plankton Ecology and Food-Web Interactions

Studying the physical and biological processes affecting growth and distribution of plankton and its role in the wider food web of marine environments.


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Barbeau Laboratory: Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry
Focuses on the biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in marine systems.
Checkley Lab
Latz Laboratory
A marine biology laboratory that studies the role of bioluminescence in marine ecosystems.
California Center for Algae Biotechnology (Cal-CAB)
Identifying innovative solutions that partner algae research with private industry for commercial success.

Recent Publications

Smith, Sarah R.; Dupont, Chris L.; McCarthy, James K.; Broddrick, Jared T.; Oborník, Miroslav; Horák, Aleš; Füssy, Zoltán; Cihlář, Jaromír; Kleessen, Sabrina; Zheng, Hong; McCrow, John P.; Hixson, Kim K.; Araújo, Wagner L.; Nunes-Nesi, Adriano; Fernie, Alisdair; Nikoloski, Zoran; Palsson, Bernhard O.; Allen, Andrew E.
Coale, Tyler H.; Moosburner, Mark; Horák, Aleš; Oborník, Miroslav; Barbeau, Katherine A.; Allen, Andrew E.