Plankton Ecology and Food-Web Interactions


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Barbeau Laboratory: Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry
Focuses on the biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in marine systems.
Checkley Lab
Latz Laboratory
A marine biology laboratory that studies the role of bioluminescence in marine ecosystems.
California Center for Algae Biotechnology (Cal-CAB)
Identifying innovative solutions that partner algae research with private industry for commercial success.

Recent Publications

Hagstrom, A.; Azam, F.; Berg, C.; Zweifel, U. L.
O'Brien, C. L.; Robinson, S. A.; Pancost, R. D.; Damste, J. S. S.; Schouten, S.; Lunt, D. J.; Alsenz, H.; Bomemann, A.; Bottini, C.; Brassell, S. C.; Farnsworth, A.; Forster, A.; Huber, B. T.; Inglis, G. N.; Jenkyns, H. C.; Linnert, C.; Littler, K.; Markwick, P.; McAnena, A.; Mutterlose, J.; Naafs, B. D. A.; Puttmann, W.; Sluijs, A.; van Helmond, Nagm; Vellekoop, J.; Wagner, T.; Wrobel, N. E.