Polar Ecology


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Vernet Lab
Studying the ecology of polar phytoplankton.
Marine Bioacoustics Lab
We develop and use new, non-lethal acoustic methods and technologies to promote a better understanding of highly exploited and endangered marine species.
A.E. Allen Lab
Research at the intersection of biological and microbial oceanography and functional genomics.
Bowman Lab
We use sequence-based approaches, flow cytometry, modeling, and other techniques to explore the structure and function of microbial communities.

Recent Publications

Reiss, C. S.; Cossio, A.; Santora, J. A.; Dietrich, K. S.; Murray, A.; Mitchell, B. G.; Walsh, J.; Weiss, E. L.; Gimpel, C.; Jones, C. D.; Watters, G. M.
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