Population Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

Collecting, processing, and analyzing genetic information to better understand the distribution and evolution of organisms at a population level.




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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Allen Lab
A.E. Allen Lab
Research at the intersection of biological and microbial oceanography and functional genomics.

Recent Publications

Lewis, V. M.; Saunders, L. M.; Larson, T. A.; Bain, E. J.; Sturiale, S. L.; Gur, D.; Chowdhury, S.; Flynn, J. D.; Allen, M. C.; Deheyn, D. D.; Lee, J. C.; Simon, J. A.; Lippincott-Schwartz, J.; Raible, D. W.; Parichy, D. M.
Hill, Geoffrey E.; Havird, Justin C.; Sloan, Daniel B.; Burton, Ronald S.; Greening, Chris; Dowling, Damian K.