Oceans and Atmosphere

Public Health and Epidemiology

The study of the causes and prevention of human disease, with particular emphasis on air quality, aerosols, temperature, and other climatic effects.



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Hondula, David M.; Balling, Robert C.; Vanos, Jennifer K.; Georgescu, Matei
Luu, I.; Sharma, A.; Guaderrama, M.; Peru, M.; Nation, J.; Page, N.; Carvalho, D.; Magit, A.; Jiang, W.; Leuin, S.; Bliss, M.; Bothwell, M.; Brigger, M.; Kearns, D.; Newbury, R.; Pransky, S.; Gilbert, J. A.; Broderick, L.
Ren, M.; Zhang, H. H.; Benmarhnia, T.; Jalaludin, B.; Dong, H. T.; Wu, K. P.; Wang, Q.; Huang, C. R.