Oceans and Atmosphere

Remote Sensing and Satellite Oceanography

Satellite remote sensing provides global observations of Earth to monitor environmental changes in land, oceans, and ice through electromagnetic radiation, diffraction, electro-optical, and microwave systems. (ICESat-2 rendering courtesy NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)




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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E)
Provide water cycle science, technology and outreach to support effective policies and practices that address the impacts of extreme weather and water events on the environment, people and the economy of western North America.

Recent Publications

Su, W. Y.; Minnis, P.; Liang, L. S.; Duda, D. P.; Khlopenkov, K. V.; Thieman, M. M.; Yu, Y. N.; Smith, A.; Lorentz, S. R.; Feldman, D.; Valero, F. P. J.
Qiu, B.; Chen, S. M.; Powell, B. S.; Colin, P. L.; Rudnick, D. L.; Schonau, M. C.