Tectonics and Structural Geology

Studying the tectonic forces within the Earth give rise to continents, ocean basins, mountain ranges, earthquake belts, and most volcanoes, along with the resulting deformation of geological structures.



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Recent Publications

Dailey, S. K.; Clift, P. D.; Kulhanek, D. K.; Blusztajn, J.; Routledge, C. M.; Calves, G.; O'Sullivan, P.; Jonell, T. N.; Pandey, D. K.; Ando, S.; Coletti, G.; Zhou, P.; Li, Y. T.; Neubeck, N. E.; Bendle, J. A. P.; Aharonovich, S.; Griffith, E. M.; Gurumurthy, G. P.; Hahn, A.; Iwai, M.; Khim, B. K.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, A. G.; Liddy, H. M.; Lu, H. Y.; Lyle, M. W.; Mishra, R.; Radhakrishna, T.; Saraswat, R.; Saxena, R.; Scardia, G.; Sharma, G. K.; Singh, A. D.; Steinke, S.; Suzuki, K.; Tauxe, L.; Tiwari, M.; Xu, Z. K.; Yu, Z. J.