Business Office

The Biology Section at SIO is comprised of three distinct and diverse research units, the Integrative Oceanography Division (IOD), Marine Biology Research Division (MBRD), and Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine (CMBB), and is served by two separate business offices.  However, many of our business office staff crossover and work for all 3 research units.​

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Annamarie “Anna” Bryson,, (858) 534-0530, IOD/MBRD/CMBB


Contracts & Grants

C&G Analyst, Jen Clark,, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

C&G Specialist, Brahman Gnad,, (858) 822-4283, MBRD/CMBB

C&G Asst, Amy Hsiao (part-time),, (858) 534-3567, IOD

C&G Asst, Beth Masek (part-time),, (858) 822-0595, CMBB


Fiscal & Facilities

Fiscal Officer, Minerva Nelson,, (858) 534-4530, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

Fiscal Analyst, James Pollock,, (858) 534-4246, MBRD/CMBB

Fiscal Specialist, Hanna Choe,, (858) 822-2904, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

​Fiscal/Facilities Specialist, Jackie Tran,, (858) 534-1607, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

Fiscal/Facilities Asst, Adrielle Wai,, (858) 534-0646, IOD

Fiscal Asst, Marty Tullar (part-time),, (858) 822-1229, MBRD/CMBB

Fiscal Asst, Greg Jackson (temp),, (858) 534-1356, MBRD/CMBB


Human Resources & Payroll

HR Manager, Marci, (858) 534-3566, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

HR Analyst, Michelle Jared,, (858) 534-6258, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

HR Analyst, Georgette Handal,, (858) 534-5030, MBRD/CMBB

HR Asst, Erika, (858) 822-1565, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

HR Asst, Mandy Lee,, (858) 534-0968, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

Payroll Asst, TBD, (858) 534-7472, IOD/MBRD/CMBB

Payroll Inquiries for IOD:

Payroll Inquiries for MBRD/CMBB: