Center for Marine Biotechnology
and Biomedicine

Research at the intersection of ocean sciences and human health, emphasizing marine drug discovery, the ocean microbiome, molecular epidemiology, marine cell biology and development, and the physiology of marine mammals.

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Partner with Scripps Institution of Oceanography in making our groundbreaking Biomedical Automation Facility (BAF) a reality. Once built, the BAF will harness the incomparable data harvesting of Scripps Oceanography to UC San Diego’s powerhouse engineering enterprise.

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Hear directly from our students about their research and life at Scripps Oceanography

I think a lot of my work is exciting but I'd have to say field work is definitely the thing that satisfies my craving for adventure.

Kayla Wilson   |  3rd year PhD student; marine biology

Shore-based laboratory with access to flowing seawater.’ Say that to any marine biologist and they will pack their bags in a matter of seconds.

Grant Batzel   |  3rd year PhD student; marine biology

We all have ambitious projects and help each other bring them to fruition.

Emily Kunselman   |  1st year PhD student; marine biology

It is exciting and humbling to me that nature hosts this background of chemical interactions that are structuring what we observe in the environment and that have potential to improve the human condition.

Christopher Leber   |  4th year PhD student; marine biology

Training Program in Marine Biotechnology

To produce students with a broad education in marine science, medicine, and biotechnology that are ready to become leaders in this rapidly expanding field.

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