Network Registration Form

Use this form to register a device for the campus Ethernet (wired) network or request activation of a network port for plugging in to. All systems should meet the UC San Diego Minimum Network Security Standards before accessing the campus wired network.
Tell Us About Yourself
Tell Us About Your Computer
For example: Vaughan 100
For example: 2-1-14 B or 3.1.28 C
For example: Dell or Apple
For example: OptiPlex 3010, MacBook Pro
For example: desktop, laptop
Enter Serial Number for Mac
Enter Service Tag for Win
A unique name that will identify your device on the network. For example: If you are replacing an existing system and/or would like to change the hostname of an existing system, please note this the "Additional Information" field.
A 12-digit hexadecimal number. Looks something like: 0030c8edb8a0 or 00:30:c8:ed:b8:a0. A hardware address may also be referred to as an Ethernet ID, Ethernet Address, MAC Address, or Physical Address. See our help article on finding your MAC address.
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